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Tuborg Green

Rating: 1.4

The green beer from Tuborg breweries is apparently very popular in Eastern Europe & Russia. I first tried the beer when in Turkey in 2005 where it was hugely popular along with Efes & available almost everywhere. At the time I always enjoyed this over Efes but never drank it again until two years later in Bulgaria where it was also available in almost every shop. When the beer started to be sold in UK shops I began to realise it wasn’t the beer I once thought it was & started to go off it slightly. I remember it to be a cheap, low quality pilsener & doubt it will score as Efes did recently. I do however like the pull off bottle top that features on the Tuborg bottles & I can actually drink the beer out of an actual Tuborg class after bringing on back from the hotel in Turkey, so here goes nothing.

Appearance (1/5): Pours a hazy, golden yellow colour that looks like urine. It has plenty of carbonation that settles and a pour head that disappears very fast. Not appealing at all, wish I had kept most of it in the bottle.
Aroma (3/10): Smells like your typical European pilsner really but not as nice. Clean & chemically with some malts.
Taste (2/10): The taste is pretty poor, bordering on bad.  You know its a pilsener but not a good one. Chemical type flavours with some corn & hops plus a slightly off taste. Has a strange & unpleasant aftertaste as well.
Palate (2/5): Thin bodied with lots of fizz. Quite smooth overall with crisp but slightly dry finish.

Overall (6/20): A very poor beer & only just drinkable.  I’m glad it was only a 275ml bottle & not a pint. I’ll probably avoid bottles of this at all costs although not sure it would fair much better on-tap. Give this one a miss.

Brewed In: Copenhagen, Denmark
Brewery: Carlsberg Brewery (Tuborgs Bryggerier)
Full Name: Tuborg Pilsner Beer (Green/Grøn)
First Brewed: 1880
Type: Pilsener (Pale Lager)
Abv: 4.6%
Serving: Bottle (275ml)
Purchased: Home Bargains
Price: £0.65

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