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Augustiner Radler

Rating: 2.5

This one probably shouldn’t be classified as a beer but it did have some in it so I’ll review it here anyway. Made with a mix of Augustiner Lagerbier Hell & lemonade, this wasn’t really something that I would ordinarily ordered but I’d read a bit about radlers (basically a lager shandy in the UK) before I went to Munich so thought I’d give it a gain, especially since it was still early morning & I fancied a change from my usual hefeweizen. As this was basically a shandy I wasn’t really expecting to much although I was hoping that it would at least be refreshing but other than that being drinkable was enough for me considering this was going to be a one time thing for me. Here’s how it scored.

Appearance (3/5):  Settles a very pale yellow colour similar to straw. It does form a nice, fluffy white head that lasts longer than I would have expected, with good retention and a little lacing on the glass.
Aroma (5/10): As expected with the lemonade added, this was a pretty light and clean smelling beer with a mixture of grain and citrus. Lemons are blended with a slightly skunky smelling aroma but not an overpowering one. Not to great to be honest but not terrible.
Taste (4/10): Again very light on flavour & tasting like your standard pale lager shandy. There is evidence of some citrus fruits like lemons in the taste with hints of grain. Like the smell its poor but not terrible.
Palate (3/5): Tonnes of fizz here from the lemonade but other than that it is pretty smooth and easy to drink. It’s pretty refreshing and is a drink you could easily sink in one go if you wanted to, or had a better beer waiting.

Overall (8/20): Light and refreshing, this is what it is. It’s not one I would really recommend but it was drinkable. Pretty weak and definitely not great, I wouldn’t waste a bottle of Augustiner Lagerbier Hell to make this any time soon.

Brewed In: Munich, Germany
Brewery: Augustiner-Bräu Wagner
First Brewed: ca. 1922 (Brewery from 1328)
Full Name: Augustiner Bräu Radler
Type: Fruit Beer
Abv: Unknown (the Lagerbier Hell is 5.2%)
Serving: Draught (500ml)
Purchased: Augustiner Großgaststätte, Munich, Germany
Price: €3.20 (approx. £2.85)

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