Rating: 2.45

Noted on the bottle for being “a very English Pale Ale”, I opted to buy this beer in Sainsbury’s the other week based mainly on the name but partly based on the label design which looked rather unusual to me. At £1.59 for a 500ml bottle is wasn’t the most expensive beer I’ve bought but for an ale of this style I usually tend to wait until a beer is on offer before buying it. Its not the often I find myself in Sainsbury’s so picked this one up anyway, I’m hoping this proves to be a wise decision.

Appearance (4/5): Settles a cloudy orange colour with a part bubbly, part foam very slightly off -white head. The head is about a fingers width tall and eventually settles to a thick, pinky sized cap on the beer.
Aroma (6/10): Quite a bit more skunky than I was expecting with a little bit of a mild fruit aroma in there too. The beer is rather light smelling & not all that complex I’m afraid to say; a slight let down.
Taste (3/10): Kind of watery to taste and with far to much bitter for my liking. It wasn’t all that well balanced in my opinion either, with the fruit flavouring doing little to compliment the bitterness. Very poor & bordering on undrinkable to me.
Palate (2/5): Smooth but overly watery so that isn’t a good thing in this instance. As a result the body was quite light, probably on the light side of medium & pretty bland.

Overall (7/20): Not a pleasant drink at all, mainly due to the taste of the beer. Other than the taste nothing else really sticks out as bad, just nothing sticks out positively either. Far too bitter & not very complex, it didn’t have much going on yet still seemed unbalanced.

Brewed In: South Stoke, England
Brewery: Ridgeway Brewing
First Brewed: Brewery since 1779
Type: Premium Bitter/ESB
Abv: 5.2%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Sainsbury’s
Price: £1.59


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