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Krombacher Pils

Rating: 3.6

Here I’ll be reviewing my second beer from the Krombacher brewery of the weekend, this time their pilsener offering which follows on from Krombacher Dark, their schwarzbier brew that I scored slightly above average. This one will also be the last of a batch of beers I bought from Tesco’s about six or seven weeks ago & again this one cost slightly more than I would have like to pay for a pilsener but it was new to me & I usually enjoy German pilseners with the four I have rated previously all scoring above average on my card. From the second biggest selling brewery in Germany, this one seems to be the most popular or at least the best selling of their beers and manages to get okay reviews online. It is also the best selling pilsener in Germany and as such I am keen to get this one under my belt and see how it rates for me.

Appearance (4/5): Pours a pale sort of straw amber with faint red tinges throughout and is topped by a foamy white, two-fingers width head that has nice retention along with leaving some light lacing on the glass. It looks pretty good, especially for a pilsener.
Aroma (6/10): Not the strongest on the nose but a pleasant pilsener aroma to it none the less. There is a sweet grassy hops and corn aroma along with a little grain and lager like malts.
Taste (7/10): Again a rather sweet tasting beer that the nose hints at, there is some corn and grassy hops in there too. It tastes pretty straight forward but it is nice, crisp and has some good floral notes too.
Palate (4/5): Pretty smooth with a light to medium body and a nice crisp, refreshing finish which is also mildly bitter feel to it.

Overall (14/20): Quite a nice example of a pilsener and one that I would probably go back to at some point in the future. It isn’t the most complex beer I have ever had but still one that I enjoyed, hopefully I can find it in the future at a slightly better price.

Brewed In: Kreuztal-Krombach, Germany
Brewery: Krombacher Brauerei
First Brewed: circa. 1890
Type: Classic German Pilsener
Abv: 4.8%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Tesco
Price: £1.89

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