Old Jock Ale (67 of 1001)

Rating: 3.6

The bottle reads that this beer is a “classic Scottish Strong Ale” and that it should be “drunk at room temperature and savoured like a fine wine”. Taking the advise on the bottles label I decided to take this one out of the fridge and let it heat up for a while before cracking it open to enjoy. Old Jock Ale is a beer that I have seen in a few supermarkets over the past year but never really considered buying until now. It is listed in the ‘1001 Beers To Try Before You Die’ book so that was the only excuse I needed to pick up a bottle and give it a try. Brewed by Broughton Ales of Biggar in Scotland, this one is a fairly local brew to me although I had never realised until now just how close the beer is made to home. The beer won a silver medal at the 2004 BBI awards and at 6.7% is another strong ale to add to my ever expanding list and one that I hope I will enjoy.

Appearance (4/5): Pours a nice mahogany brown colour with a finger sized, light tanned colour head that has a frothy, bubbly texture. Good head retention on this one, leaving a half centimetre thick foamy head that stays for the duration.
Aroma (7/10): Caramel, toffee and some solid earthy hops and malts make up the majority of this drinks aroma along with some background dark fruits and berries. It is very sweet and has a subtle burnt sugar note to it as well.
Taste (6/10): Very sweet and malty in taste with brown sugar, toffee and caramel flavours all blending together well. There is some nice fruity notes at the tail end of the drink as well.
Palate (4/5): Medium to full bodied and mild carbonation with this beer. It has a quite creamy texture to it and a warm, bittersweet finish.

Overall (14/20): A rather nice, well balanced beer that goes down quite well that has a nice bittersweet finish to it. It is quite malty and as such probably not a beer that I’ll have all that often but certainly one that I did enjoy.

Brewed In: Biggar, Scotland
Brewery: Broughton Ales Ltd.
First Brewed: 1985
Full Name: Broughton Old Jock Ale
Type: Scottish Strong Ale
Abv: 6.7%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Tesco
Price: £1.25

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