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Caesar Augustus

Rating: 3.3

This beer was a one of the recent winners of Sainsburys 2011 Beer Competition so I decided to pick a bottle up on a recent visit to the supermarket, that and it was only £1.51 for the bottle. Described on the bottle as a lager/IPA hybrid beer, apparently because the beer is cold fermented “with classic lager yeast”. I’m not to sure what to expect from this one although I suspect it will no doubt be more lager than IPA, hopefully it won’t just be another run of the mill pale lager as I still have plenty of them in my cellar to work my way through in the coming weeks. This will be my fourth beer from the Williams Brothers brewery to be reviewed here with most of their beers being fairly good so hopefully this one is more of the same.

Appearance (4/5): A bright golden straw colour that is crystal clear and forms a foamy, bright white head about the width of a thumb. The head remains for upwards of a couple of minutes without receding any.
Aroma (7/10): I can smell how they came to call this one a lager/IPA as at first there was a lager like malt aroma but this was quickly followed up by some light hops, stronger than you’d usually get from a pale lager. There is a nice floral, citrus like smell to this one and grassy hops too. Nothing spectacular but pleasant enough.
Taste (6/10): More of a lager than an IPA in the taste department though with some corn and lager malts upfront, there is some IPA like citrus hops that follow this but they could have been stronger. There is some grain in the taste as well.
Palate (3/5): Tangy but quite crisp and clean in the finish, the body is light and there is good carbonation.

Overall (12/20): A solid enough attempt and a good lager but not an IPA in my eyes other than having more hops than your standard lager would. I’m struggling to understand how this managed to be one of the winners in Sainsburys 2011 Beer Competition, it is drinkable but there is a lot better out there to be had.

Brewed In: Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Brewery: Williams Brothers Brewing Company
Full Name: Caesar Augustus Lager/IPA Hybrid
First Brewed: 2011
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 4.1%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Sainsbury’s
Price: £1.51

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