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Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen

Rating: 3.7

This wheat beer is one that used to be stocked by J.D. Wetherspoon pubs in the UK for a while now and one that I believe I have tried at some point in the past but this will be my first taste of it in some time. Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen is brewed using a  recipe that has been handed down from the former royal Bavarian wheat brewery in Nuremberg and has remained unchanged for some time. This one was my thirteenth German hefeweizen reviewed here and maybe that was the unlucky number as I felt this one could have been a lot better. It was an enjoyable enough hefeweizen but there are many better of the style out there that I would rather drink than this one.

Appearance (4/5): This unfiltered beer is a cloudy, light yellow colour with a huge, foamy white head that is common for a hefeweizen. There is some lacing on the sides of the glass and the head retention is pretty good without being outstanding.
Aroma (7/10):
Some banana, wheat, vanilla and cloves on the nose upfront that all work well together along with an overall sweetness. There is a little spice but I felt that the beer could have been slightly stronger smelling, still good on the nose though.
Taste (7/10): Again there is a lot of vanilla and banana upfront in the taste, this is followed by the wheat and clove from the nose. There is a background citrus aroma too but I would say this is just an average tasting hefeweizen; it’s good but not as good as other I have tried.
Palate (4/5): Smooth on the mouth with medium body and carbonation, it is a pleasant beer to drink and is quite refreshing.

Overall (14/20): An average wheat beer in my books, it is nice and drinkable but I feel that there are many others out there that are simply better than this one. There isn’t really anything to make this one stick out from all the others and as such it’s probably not one I’ll buy again unless I spot it at a really good price.

Brewed In:  Fürth, Bavaria, Germany
Brewery: Tucher Bräu Fürth
First Brewed: Brewery since 1672
Type: German Hefeweizen
Abv: 5.2%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased:  The Malt (Wetherspoons), Wishaw, Scotland
Price: £2.65

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