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Kaiserdom Pilsener

Rating: 2.3

This beer has been lying in my fridge for a few weeks now and is the last of a series of German beers that I picked up in Tesco a few months ago, for some reason I’m just getting around to this particular one. This might be due to the fact that the other offering from this brewery, Kaiserdom Dark didn’t particularly blow me away & that I felt I could use a bit of a break from pale lagers & pilseners since they account for over a quarter of the beers I have reviewed on this blog. Anyway I’m finally getting round to trying this one so lets hope it’ll set itself apart from the usual pale lager crowd.

Appearance (2/5): A very light yellow straw colour with a thin, pinky sized foamy white head and tonnes of bubbles rising to the surface. The beer is crystal clear and the head retention is good with the thin head staying throughout.
Aroma (5/10): Quite a noticeable pilsener smell when the bottle is opened, after pouring I can detect all the usual aromas for the style with corn, some light hops and a little more grain than I would have cared for. There is some biscuit like malts and it is slightly skunky as well.
Taste (5/10): A typical, run of the mill pilsener that tastes mainly of corn, biscuit, some light grassy hops and not a whole lot else. The finish is a bitter malty one.
Palate (2/5): Light bodied with mild carbonation and a slightly watery finish that is quite bitter too.

Overall (10/20): Not a beer I would have again, I’d rank it about on par with numerous other mass-produced pale lagers.   A poor show, the flavours were basic and unadventurous and the smell was the same.  Not a very good beer in my opinion and up there with the worst German beers I have tried so far, in fact other than a Beck’s low-alcohol beer & their Radler offering it ranks as the worst from the country that I have tried.

Brewed In: Bamberg-Gaustadt, Germany
Brewery: Kaiserdom Privatbrauerei Bamberg
First Brewed: Brewery since 1718
Type: German Pilsener
Abv: 4.8%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Tesco
Price: £1.79

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