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Krušovice Imperial 12°

Rating: 3.15

This one will be the second beer that I will have tried from the Krušovice brewery, the first being their dark schwarzbier offering Krušovice Cerne which I had in bottle form a short time ago. I tried this one, the pilsener offering on-tap last weekend at a pub in Glasgow based solely on how I rated the first beer although I wasn’t really expecting the two beers to be in the same league considering how hard it is to find a truly nice pale lager or pilsener. Nonetheless I am hoping that it will be a step above Fosters or MGD’s of the world.

Appearance (3/5): Light amber coloured with a small but foamy white head and some lacing on the glass as well. The beer is also clear and transparent.
Aroma (6/10): The smell is a typical pale lager one with a sweet malt aroma and some lager hops along with a bit of corn and grain. Other adjuncts also feature and there is a very slight skunky smell at the tail end of the beer.
Taste (7/10): Much like the smell with some corn and grassy hops along with a semi-sweet taste and touches of citrus. It’s not at all skunky tasting despite the aroma hinting at this and the finish is little bit bitter although very crisp
Palate (3/5): The beer was on the light side of medium bodied with a slightly rough feel to the drink and it had the normal lager bitterness with a slightly dry but crisp finish and medium carbonation.

Overall (13/20): This one was a average to slightly above average pilsener although miles ahead of most of the mass produced garbage you find in UK supermarkets these days. I enjoyed it although I’ve not been particularly impressed by a lot of the Czech lagers I have tried recently. It was drinkable but certainly not worth the £4 I paid for the privilege.

Brewed In: Krušovice, Rakovník, Czech Republic
Brewery: Pivovar Krušovice
First Brewed: Brewery since 1517
Type: Czech/Bohemian Pilsener
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Draught (Pint)
Purchased: Max’s, Glasgow, Scotland
Price: £4.00

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