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A Little Sumpin’ Wild

Rating: 4.65

A special beer now, special because I forked out over seven quid to buy the bottle from the Brewdog bar in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area a couple of weeks ago; since then I’ve been building myself up to drinking it and a warm Sunday night seemed like the ideal time to do so. I picked up this beer after asking the barman what he would recommend, so given a blank canvas he suggested this one from Lagunitas which will be my first from the brewery. Having been told that the breweries beers are relatively hard to find in the UK, that was enough to get me buying the beer despite the high price tag. The barman seems to have been correct though as I haven’t seen any of their beers anywhere before and they don’t appear to be available on the BeersOfEurope website either which is my usual gauge of how hard a beer is to get a hold of here. It’s also a beer I have been looking forward to since I picked it up so lets see how it tastes.

Appearance (5/5): Pours a bright, golden orange colour and is topped by a two centimetre tall, foamy white head that has very good retention for such a strong beer; it lasts for a good couple minutes and only began to fade as I started drinking the beer.
Aroma (10/10): An excellent smelling beer that starts off with some pine hops and a sweet, yeast like aroma. There is yet more floral hops and a very fruity smell consisting of a mixture of pineapple and apricots along with a hint of orange and citrus amongst others. Quite possibly the best smelling beer I have ever tried, I loved this one on the nose.
Taste (9/10): As expected there is a very hop filled taste to this one to begin with, mainly floral with some light pine. There is also a lot of fruit present, some citrus and orange along with the apricot from the nose. It is quite bitter towards the end but in a good way and it finishes the drink off rather well.
Palate (4/5): Good, strong carbonation levels without being gassy and with a medium body and plenty of bitterness. There is a good, hop infused bitter finish and a nice sweet quality to it overall.

Overall (19/20): Truly one of the nicest beers I have ever tried. This beer has it all and I am amazed it doesn’t feature in the 1001 Beers list, although this may be due to the fact that it was such a new beer at the time of print; at least that’s my best guess. The nose was outstanding and the taste was about the same, there is nothing I can say to fault this beer. Despite the fact it cost me £7.50 to take away from Brewdogs Edinburgh bar it was worth every penny. Hopefully I can find this one online the next time I place an order, if not I will just have to grab another bottle at Brewdog the next time I visit. Make this your next beer if you can.

Brewed In: Petaluma, California, United States of America
Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company
Full Name: Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale
First Brewed: 2010
Type: Belgian Strong Ale/Belgian IPA
Abv: 9.4%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Brewdog
Price: £7.50

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