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Oakham Citra

Rating: 4.1

From what I can gather this beer has been available since late 2009 but only became a permanent Oakham beer in January 2011 so hopefully that means it’s a popular beer. After my last rant about B&M Bargains and their beer selection (Cocker Hoop) I am hoping this one can change my mind slightly, after all it does get some good reviews and mentions online so it can’t be all bad. It was just a bottle I grabbed in a hurry whilst in the shop so I was surprised to learn it is an American Pale Ale and not a English Bitter or something similar that I was expecting so that’s a plus straight away. Lets see how the rest of it does.

Appearance (4/5): A very slightly hazy and light golden to yellow colour with a foamy white head that is about half a centimetre tall and stays the same for upwards of a few minutes.There is also evidence that lacing remains on the side of the glass as it is drank.
Aroma (9/10): Quite a strong IPA like aroma to start with with a lot of, as the name would suggest, citrus on the nose along with some bitter hops and a touch of pine. There is also a well balanced grapefruit aroma that isn’t overly bitter and this is coupled with an orange and lemon citrus smell that is very appealing.
Taste (8/10): Starting off with a bitter citrus and grapefruit combination, although this isn’t quite as bitter as I was expecting which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is also a nice fruity flavour to it with some orange and lemon, more citrus and a touch of lime for good measure.
Palate (4/5): Light medium in body, maybe just a little thinner than I would have like but not really much of a complaint. It is quite bitter and juicy with a smooth, crisp finish and mild carbonation that make for a refreshing beer.

Overall (16/20): Finally a beer from B&M Bargains that is worth shouting about, very enjoyable indeed and not at all what I had been expecting. I’m glad I opted for this one as my first beer of the night or I’d have thought I was imagining things. A great grapefruit bitterness that isn’t too strong and with a nice look and feel to it. What I really enjoyed was the smell, it is up there with some really good IPA. I can see myself picking up a few more of these the next time I am in the store if they have any left.

Brewed In: Peterborough, England
Brewery: Oakham Ales / The Brewery Tap
First Brewed: circa 2009 (permanent since 2011)
Type: American Pale Ale
Abv: 4.6%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: B&M Bargains
Price: £1.39


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