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Ch’ti Blonde (105 of 1001)

Rating: 3.65

This one is another beer I picked up in Paris last month and brought home with me to give it a proper review from a glass rather than drinking it straight from the bottle. I bought a six pack from a local grocery on my way back to the hotel one night and quickly worked my way through four of the bottles. It was an enjoyable beer and one that would have no problem drinking again so it’s a pity that it’s probably not readily available in the UK. Seek out a bottle if you can for something a little different.

Appearance (4/5): A light, orange to straw colour with a thumb sized white head that has a thick, bubbly looking appearance. Retention isn’t too bad with the head lasting about a minute and gradually reducing in size before settling to a small, lace looking head.
Aroma (7/10): Fruity smelling with hints of apple and pear, there is also a sort of floral smell to it and some background skunk. Not too complex smelling but a nice aroma to this one.
Taste (7/10): Some fruity tasting hops and an overall sweetness along with some bitter following this. I could taste an almost cider like combination of both apples and pears with a little bitter of spice, other than that there wasn’t too much else going on here.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and smooth with a fruity sweetness to the beer and medium carbonation.

Overall (13/20): This was probably the best beer I tried whilst in France last month and still enjoyed the taste when I had it again to review here. Not an outstanding beer but still very drinkable and it goes down well. Not a bad introduction to the  Bière de Garde style of beer.

Brewed In: Benifontaine, France
Brewery: Brasserie Castelain
First Brewed: 1978
Type: Bière de Garde
Abv: 6.4%
Serving: Bottle (250ml)
Purchased: Diagonal (France)
Price: €1.00 (approx. £0.82)

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