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Ožujsko Grejp

Rating: 2.55

Another cheap radler from Croatia that judging from the picture on the can could have either been apple of grapefruit flavoured and after trying it the flavour didn’t become all that much clearer and which bracket it fell into was still a matter of debate although I was correct in assuming it was supposed to be a grapefruit flavoured radler. This will already be my third beer from the Zagrebačka with a couple more still to review, no surprising really considering they are easily the biggest brewery in the country. My research tells me this is another newly released beer released sometime early this year and from what I seen Croatia it was available everywhere although not as much so as the flagship Ožujsko Pivo or the Limun version of this one and thankfully it was a drink I only tried the once.

Appearance (2/5): A light orange to pink coloured beer with a tiny bubble lacing around the top that disappears instantly leaving nothing in its place.
Aroma (5/10): Quite fruity with some grape and citrus aromas along with some apple and a touch of bitterness. There is definitely an overriding lemonade aroma to this one and very little in the way of a beer or a grapefruit aroma despite it being labelled as a grapefruit flavoured fruit beer.
Taste (5/10): No beer taste at all from this one although at least there was a hint of grapefruit somewhere amongst all the sugar and sweeteners. The main taste was citrus and lemonade with some grape and mild apples, not so much a bad taste as a non-beer taste.
Palate (3/5): Smooth and pretty well carbonated with an easy to drink feel to it and a slightly thin body. It was fairly refreshing, just like a soft drink really and inoffensive on the taste buds.

Overall (11/20): Again very much a standard radler taste with the lemonade again making itself know here. There is a lot of bitter lemons and each sip I took reminded me of Fanta Lemon. It was nice enough as a one-off but it would barely qualify as a beer in my book.

Brewed In: Zagreb, Croatia
Brewery: Zagrebačka Pivovara
First Brewed: circa. 2012
Type: Fruit Beer
Abv: 2.0%
Serving: Can (500ml)
Purchased: Dinova (Croatia)
Price: 8.99 kuna (approx. £1.04)

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