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Fuller’s Golden Pride (122 of 1001)

Rating: 4.05

This one was the beer I was most wanting to try when visiting London last month, mainly after reminding myself how good Fuller’s beers usually are when I reviewed their 2001 Vintage Ale here not too long ago but also because will be the fifth of seven Fuller’s beer from the 1001 list. after this I only have another two to find. I knew the odds where in my favour with the sheer amount of Fuller’s pubs in London and on my second day I managed to find a bottle. I ordered this one in one of their pubs near London Bridge after spotting it on a shelf over the bar and was surprised to learn that it comes in at 8.5% abv. and although technically an English Strong Ale this one is pretty much a barelywine but none the less remained one I was excited to try.

Appearance (4/5): Rich look with a reddish copper appearance and topped with a white, half centimetre head that has a foamy texture and disappears quite fast, although this is understandable due to the strength of the beer.
Aroma (8/10): Rich, dry malts with a mix of caramel and toffee straight away, this was quickly followed by a strong fruity aroma that lingered in the background and gradually became more pronounced. There was a touch of alcohol but the spiciness of the beer covered most of this. The aroma was a strong one with apples, pear and biscuit all making an appearance.
Taste (8/10): A strong malt presence to start along with a taste of rich, creamy toffee and an accompanying caramel flavour. There is a fruity apple and pear taste too that is complimented by some spice and a linger, sweet taste of sugar; all of which is very well-balanced.
Palate (4/5): Smooth with a medium to full body and a warming sensation when drank. The beer has a pleasant alcohol kick along with medium to low carbonation and a background sweetness throughout.

Overall (17/20): An excellent beer and one that really packs a punch with a well hidden alcohol content for the most part and well-balanced, complimentary flavours. A great beer for sipping away at and one I hope to hut down again soon, it’s just a pity there aren’t any Fuller’s bars near me.

Brewed In: London, England
Brewery: Fuller, Smith & Turner
First Brewed: 1967
Type: English Strong Ale
Abv: 8.5%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: The Barrow Boy & The Banker, London, England
Price: £4.50

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