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Westmalle Trappist Tripel (134 of 1001)

Rating: 4.60
Seeing as it is a Friday it’s time for another ‘big beer’ that I’ve had in the garage for a couple of months now and have been building up to trying; Westmalle Tripel. This one comes in at 9.5% abv. and is one I’ve been looking forward to for some time after spotting it in the 1001 Beers list a while back. This abbey Trappist beer dates back to 1934 and was considered one of the first Tripel style beers. It is a strong pale ale so I’m looking forward to something along the lines of Duvel here with all reviews I have read thus far noting that this one is a truly world-class beer.

Appearance (5/5): A very bright, golden orange colour with a huge, three fingers width head that is quite bubbly looking and gradually reduces in size over the course of about five minutes but stops after losing only half its size. The head is huge considering the strength of the beer and the colour is a lot brighter than I expected and there is a small amount of sediment too.
Aroma (8/10): Quite fruity with a mainly apple smell coupled with a little bit of lemon. There is a lot of spice initially and although not an intense aroma it is a noticeable one. I can detect some pear, yeast and some grain to but everything is very well balanced aroma wise.
Taste (9/10): Again quite fruity with a great mix of apples and pears along with a lot of yeast and sugar that combine to make a very sweet, almost cider like drink. There is some lemon and citrus along with a lot of spice and overriding sweetness.
Palate (5/5): Spicy and quite dry as you would expect but other than that the alcohol is well hidden in this one. There is medium to high carbonation along with full and creamy body. A sweet, very drinkable beer that is a must try.

Overall (15/20): This one is a really good beer although it wasn’t as strong as I was expecting, particularly because the alcohol content was very well hidden. The aroma was a little weak but very nice nonetheless and the taste was similar but slightly more pronounced. This one was a great beer that had a good balance and everything seems to work well together.
Brewed In: Malle, Belgium
Brewery: Brouwerij Westmalle
First Brewed: 1934
Type: Abbey Tripel
Abv: 9.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Peckhams
Price: £3.67
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