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Lion Stout (152 of 1001)

Rating: 4.3

A relatively hard to find beer now, this one coming all the way from Sri Lanka; Lion Stout. This is another beer I have been waiting to try since starting the 1001 Beers list due mainly to the location of the brewery and how hard I thought it would be to find outside of Sri Lanka and possibly India. This one now seems to be brewed at around 7.5% abv. as my bottle was and not the 8% or sometimes 8.8% mentioend elsewhere. This one seemed to come to the world’s attention in the late 1980’s thanks to ‘Beer Hunter’ Michael Jackson, not the freakish singer one, when he visited the country to track it down. Surprisingly I managed to find this one in Glasgow’s West End and couldn’t believe my luck, hopefully it lives up to my expectations of it. Another thing I can add about this one is that it brings my total for beers from different countries up to 50, still a long way to go but I’m well on my way to my target of 125.

Lion Stout

Appearance (5/5): This one looks black at first glance but appears to be a very deep, mahogany brown on closer inspection. It is topped with a foamy, light brown coloured head about half a centimetre tall which manages to hold very well indeed, particularly for the strength of the beer; it barely budged other than a very slight initial reduction of no more than a millimetre.
Aroma (9/10): Very rich malts to begin along with a strong, dark chocolate aroma that is also quite rich and hints at some sweetness along with some sugar and a bit of cocoa. There is some darker fruits present, notably cherries and there is also some roasted malts and a faint amount of alcohol towards the end. This one is very complex and smells great.
Taste (8/10): More fruity than I was expecting from the smell, there is a nice mix of cherries and various other darker fruits. There is also a good blend of rich malts, chocolate and sweet, roasted malts that are pretty well-balanced and seem to work well together. I also seemed to taste a slightly milky flavour somewhere near the middle and some slight bitterness right at the end.
Palate (4/5): Medium in body, slightly tangy and with a nice fruity character. There is medium to high carbonation and a nice amount of alcohol lingering in the background too.

Overall (16/20): Quite an unusually fruity stout but a very nice one nonetheless with a lot going on, especially with the depth of character in the smell. This was one I knew would be a good beer, not because it was from Sri Lanka but because of the reviews I had read both online and in the 1001 Beers book and luckily it did not disappoint. This one is certainly up there with the best stouts I have tried to date; it’s comes in just right between a regular English stout and some of the stronger imperial stouts and is a pleasure to try.

Brewed In: Biyagama, Sri Lanka
Brewery: Ceylon / Lion Brewery Limited
First Brewed: 1881
Type: Foreign / Export Stout
Abv: 7.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: The Cave (Glasgow)
Price: £2.49


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