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Belfast Black

Rating: 2.95

Finally I’m done, this one is the last of several Whitewater beers I picked up in Ireland over New Year and worked my way through shortly after. I am sad to report that none of the beers were particularly good really or stood out from the crowd, with this one being one of the worst offenders. None of their beers were truly terrible but at the same time I was a push to call any of them craft beers as well so I’ll probably be giving them a miss in future when in Ireland unless I can find a new one that interests me, thankfully none of their beers seem to be available in Scotland though.

Belfast Black

Appearance (4/5): Pours opaque black with a huge, three fingers tall head  that is quite foamy looking and a light brown colour. There is some lacing on the glass and retention is good but the head was just far too big, even with a delicate pour.
Aroma (6/10): Quite a strong aroma of roasted malts with some lighter coffee notes and some mild chocolate too. There isn’t too much other than that and it’s not the strongest smell in the world but at least I could detect something.
Taste (5/10): The taste is like the smell but not quite as good, there is a strong, roasted malts taste with lots of coffee and a slightly milky flavour. I could also detect some chocolate with a touch of spice.
Palate (3/5): Very strong carbonation and very dry too with a bittersweet feel and a medium body.

Overall (9/20): Not really that good a beer if you ask me, it was pretty ordinary and unexciting with just the usual stout like flavours and nothing extra thrown in; just roasted malts, coffee & some chocolate. The carbonation was also too high which didn’t help matters and it wasn’t a beer that I particularly enjoyed.

Brewed In: Saintfield, County Down, Northern Ireland
Brewery: Whitewater Brewing Co.
First Brewed: circa. 2009
Type: Irish Dry Stout
Abv: 4.2%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Asda (Northern Ireland)
Price: £1.77

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