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Goose Island Christmas Ale

Rating: 3.95

After thinking that I wouldn’t be having another Christmas beer until November at least, I found this bottle in The Good Spirits Co. in Glasgow at the start of February and thought why not since I wasn’t sure the chance would come along again. This one is a November and December seasonal from the Goose Island Brewery, one that’s been around almost as long as the brewery itself. Having started at around 5.7% then beer increased in strength a couple of years about to just over 6% and then again to its current 7.3%, bourbon editions of the beer have also made the odd appearance over the years. It is labelled as a brown ale and my particular bottle was filled on the 5th November last year so it’s still quite fresh. I’m afraid to say it again but I’m pretty sure this will be my last Christmas beer until later in the year now but we shall see, maybe I’ll stumble across another good one before then.

Goose Island Christmas Ale

Appearance (4/5): Settles a nice dark ruby to copper colour with a pinky sized, bubbly and tan brown head that has nice retention and leaves some nice lacing on the glass.
Aroma (8/10):  A nice, sweet aroma with some good caramel malts and dried fruits. There is a nutty aroma too and a fair bit of spice too, this is backed up with some subtle hops but overall the smell is fitting to the season.
Taste (8/10):  The taste is a sweet one with a few caramel malts and some dried, darker fruits, notably some cherries, figs and plum. There is also a touch of hops that comes across lighter than it did on the nose. Quite creamy and with a lot of spice, there is also some brown sugar and overall it is a very nice tasting beer.
Palate (4/5):  A medium to full body with a creamy mouthfeel and a good balance between the sweet malts and the bitterness with the faintest of alcohol tastes right at the end, this is all rounded off with a nice touch of hops.

Overall (15/20): Quite a nice beer, definitely something different and not at all what I was expecting when I learnt that this one was a brown ale. It wasn’t as malty as I was expecting and there was more hops too, that and it was sweeter than your usual brown ale in my opinion. Totally different from what I’d imagined but an excellent beer nonetheless.

Brewed In: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Brewery: Goose Island Beer Company
First Brewed: Brewery since 1988
Type: American Brown Ale
Abv: 7.3%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: The Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £3.00

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