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Master Brew Kentish Ale

Rating: 3.3

This beer is labelled as a ‘Local Hero’ and is made using only the barely and hops from the Kent area meaning it can be classified as a Kentish Ale, a protected drink in the United Kingdom that must be made using local ingredients. This one is also Shepherd Neame’s flagship beer, brewed in the brewery’s Kentish heartland. I grabbed this one on another recent Morrisons trip thanks to it’s relatively cheap price but was slightly disappointed to find that the beer was being sold in clear bottles, a rarity for an English ale as well, apparently CAMRA are up in arms if the beer is carbonated but don’t seem to mind if it tastes skunky although hopefully this one won’t. This one will be my fourth Shepherd Neame beer, my first since trying Bishop’s Finger around January last year and with most of their beers scoring fairly well I was long overdue a return visit; let hope this one does the business as well.

Master Brew Kentish Ale

Appearance (4/5): Settles as a bright amber to orange colour with a massive, three fingers tall head that is foamy in texture and rises a lot after the drink has been poured. The beer is also a clear one and looks quite lively.
Aroma (7/10): This one smelt quite nondescript, there was some caramel malts at the start with a sort of metallic aroma and some vanilla hops. There was also a few grassy notes and a bit of toffee coming together to give a sweet aroma overall.
Taste (6/10): Some light malts and sweet flavours to begin, namely some caramel and perhaps a touch of vanilla from the nose. There was a sort of bitter, earthy taste around the middle and a touch of fruit at the end.
Palate (3/5): Light medium and as expected a pretty smooth beer on the palate. Carbonation was noticeable but nothing overly strong and there was a dry, semi-bitter finish. This one was pretty standard overall on the palate but it wasn’t the most well balanced beer sadly with the flavours a bit all over the place.

Overall (12/20): A fairly standard ale with quite a nice aroma and a good bit going for it but the flavours, although nice, were a nit muddled and not balanced well which the beer suffered for in the end. Another downside was the the carbonation was perhaps a little strong and the head was almost out of control when I poured the beer resulting in a bit of spillage after a fairly gentle pour. Still a drinkable beer but not a keeper.

Brewed In: Faversham, England
Brewery: Shepherd Neame Ltd.
First Brewed: Brewery since 1698
Type: English Bitter
Abv: 4.0%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Morrisons
Price: £1.50

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