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Friday’s Pale Ale

Rating: 3.75

A return to Greece now for what will be only my second beer from the country, following on from Mythos Lager I reviewed here roughly two years ago. This one comes from the Septem Microbrewery on the island of Euboea, close to mainland Greece. My parents managed to pick this one, along with two others from the brewery, up in Athens last month and I’m quite excited to try a Greek craft beer for the first time. The brewery translates as ‘Seven’ from Latin, the number of creation. It seems that most of the brewery’s beers are named after a day of the week so I thought it only fitting to try my first one from them on the suggested day although I’m not sure I’ll continue that trend for the next two.
Septem Friday's Pale Ale

Appearance (4/5): A clear and light amber colour with a centimetre tall, bubbly white head on top that doesn’t look as if it will hold well but somehow manages to do just that for the first couple minutes before gradually reducing in size.
Aroma (7/10): This one is a little unusual in that it falls somewhere between a traditional English and the more modern American style pale ale. There is a strong biscuit and malt aroma with some subtle, earthy tones and some caramel but there is also a hoppy and more lively aroma starting around the middle and continuing towards the end. I could detect some spice, sweetness and a touch of citrus with some light fruits as well.
Taste (7/10): Sweet malts and some caramel ones as well to begin, there is also some lighter fruits and a hint of orange and citrus around the middle. There is a fresh, hop filled taste with nice bit of spice and a hint of bitterness towards the end. Nothing spectacular but a nice, easy to drink beer.
Palate (4/5): Light medium in body with plenty of carbonation and a smooth body but with plenty of fizz and a very lively feel to it. There is a nice balance and the finish is a crisp finish that has you going back for more.

Overall (15/20): Not a bad beer at all, maybe a little light on flavour around the middle or at least the flavours are a little faint but it is a nice drink with a good balance and nice, smooth and crisp mouthfeel. This one was a beer that I enjoyed and I’m looking forward to the other two from the brewery that I have sitting in the cellar.

Brewed In: Avlon, Euboea, Greece
Brewery: Septem Microbrewery
First Brewed: 2009
Type: English Pale Ale
Abv: 4.7%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Greece
Price: Gift


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