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Balmaha Little Acorn

Rating: 3.5

This one is a beer that I picked up when visiting the Bridge of Allan brewery in the town of the same name over the weekend whilst on a day trip in the Stirling area. The beer is actually brewed in the town of Balmaha on the banks of Loch Lomand by a microbrewery set up in the Oak Tree Inn gastro pub and bar. The label mentions that this one is a ‘blonde, hoppy beer’ although after trying it I reckon it is more English pale ale than golden or blonde ale. It came in a nice 500ml bottle with a red tartan label and looked the part. I was forced into drinking this one the day after purchase once I noticed the sell by date was already up (in May 2013) but I don’t believe that impacted the beer in any meaningful way and it still seemed fresh enough when I tried it.
Balmaha Little Acorn

Appearance (3/5): After an aggressive pour this one settles with a thin, half centimetre tall head that is white and looks more like a soapy lacing that just about managed to cover the surface. The beer itself is a light and very clear copper amber colour with some tiny bubbles rising to the surface but not many.
Aroma (6/10): Some light malts and light, grassy hops along with some touches of sweetness but not many. There is a background aroma that consists of light and nondescript fruits with some bitter notes and either some toffee or caramel, whatever it is it is quite light towards the end.
Taste (7/10): A nice start with a combination of sweet malts and some caramel with a light citrus tang coming through. There is a fruity taste with some apples and barely. The taste is a standard English pale ale one but it is nice and ends up tasting better than I expected.
Palate (4/5): A light medium body but nothing watery, with mild carbonation although there was some there. Definitely a smooth beer with touches of creaminess and a nice, mild bitter finish that seems quite wet.

Overall (16/20): This one didn’t start particularly well but the taste was a really good one with a nice sweet malt and caramel taste that I quite enjoyed. The mouthfeel was also nice with a good, smooth feel and an almost perfect finish that kept me going back for another sip. A surprising beer and one that I’m very glad I picked up.

Brewed In: Balmaha,  Scotland
Brewery: Balmaha Brewing Co.
First Brewed: 2012
Type: English Pale Ale
Abv: 4.0%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Allanwater Brewhouse (Bridge of Allan)
Price: £2.85

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