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Klang Beer

Rating: 2.15

This one is another beer that I tried a couple of times a few years ago whilst backpacking through Cambodia and strangely enough it was one of the first times I went out of my way to try a few different beers the bar had available that night despite the fact they were all pale lagers and tastes quite similar. I still remember exactly where I tried it first, in a bar near the now filled in Beoung Kak Lake in Phnom Penh back in early September 2009, and it’s not because the beer was so good that I remember. I don’t remember all that much about the beer itself as I was more partial to either a Phnom Penh beer or a can of Angkor (both of which I will review here shortly) but I just hope it proves to be drinkable now that may taste in beer has developed some over the years since I last drank a Cambodian beer. Speaking of which, this one will mark the 59th different country I will have reviewed a beer from so only one more and it is an even sixty. I wonder where will be next.
Klang Beer

Appearance (2/5): A very light and very clear looking golden straw colour with a small, bubbly white head that doesn’t budge much of the opening minute or so but ends up as a patchy lacing not long after.
Aroma (4/10): Strong on the nose with a lot of sweetness and quite a bit of alcohol coming through as well. The aroma consists of a few light hops, some sort of metallic aroma and corn with a few adjuncts rounding things off.
Taste (5/10): Sweet and laced with alcohol, some corn and lager hops with some rice and other adjuncts plus a bit of grain. There is a slight hint of fruits but this passes almost as quickly as it appeared and beyond that there is that much to say about the taste.
Palate (2/5): Very light bodied and thin with a strongly carbonated body and too much alcohol and sweetness, neither of which is particularly well hidden.

Overall (9/20): A pretty average beer although it gets a little better after it has had time to settle down some, possible due to the alcohol doing its job and working faster than usual. The beer isn’t a great one although it is drinkable for what it is and whilst the alcohol is strong it’s not quite harsh or overly grainy.

Brewed In:  Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Brewery: Cambrew / Angkor Brewery
Type: Imperial Pils
Abv: 6.0%
Serving: Can (330ml)
Purchased: Cambodia
Price: Gift/$0.60 (£0.38 approx.)

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