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Leo Beer

Rating: 1.8

Now for a beer that is known as the other Thai beer, nowhere near as popular as Singha or Chang but seemingly available everywhere in the country nonetheless. The beer is of course Leo Beer and it is another that doesn’t ever seem to be available outside of Thailand, even in neighbouring countries. I drank this one quite a bit (although not as much as Singha or Chang) on my last few visits to Thailand but it’s not one I remember a whole lot about other than it was drinkable in the heat of Thailand. I picked this bottle up in Koh Phangnan in July and drank it later the same night but it wasn’t one I went back to again for the rest of my trip, and here is why.
Leo Beer

Appearance (2/5): Clear straw coloured with a thin, foamy white head that disappeared rather quickly. There is some minimal lacing left on the glass too but not a lot.
Aroma (4/10): Faint adjuncts start things off, followed by some lager malts and a corn with a hint of skunk. The aroma is incredibly faint and hard to detect.
Taste (3/10): Light malts and some faint, grassy hops along with a watery taste and touches of bitterness. There isn’t much going on with this one really and it’s your typical, mass-produced Asian lager.
Palate (2/5): Light and thin bodied with a sort of watery feel and minimal bitterness. Smooth and quite wet at the end but also very bland.

Overall (6/20): Not a great beer at all and sadly a lot worse than I remember it being from the last time I was in Thailand although that may just be down to my tastes changing a lot since then. The beer was too thin and watery with both the aroma and taste coming across as too faint; it’s not a beer worth going out of your way to try although it is drinkable, just.

Brewed In: Bangkok, Thailand
Brewery: Boon Rawd Brewery
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Bottle (630ml)
Purchased: Koh Phangnan, Thailand
Price: 48 Baht (£0.96 approx.)

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