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Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish

Rating: 3.9

This one is a limited edition release from Innis & Gunn from 2013 and what was their tenth year as a brewery. The beer was matured over Canadian Black Cherrywood, hence the name and was released back in June of this year although it wasn’t until November and a bit of luck finding it in a Tesco store before I had even heard about it. Matured for 49 days, this is the first time that Canadian Cherrywood has been used to age a beer so this such be a unique beer. I am guessing that the main reason I’ve not spotted this beer before now is because it was probably aimed at the Canadian market, one of the breweries biggest. Definitely a beer I’m looking forward to trying although I wish that some of their beers were easier to find in Scotland considering the brewery only down the road.
Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish

Appearance (4/5): Dark caramel coloured with a finger-sized, cream head that is a brownish white in colour and settles as a thin lacing covering the surface before slowly turning patchy after a sip or two.
Aroma (7/10): There is a definite sweetness to this one with some strong malts and a touch of maple syrup as the name would suggest. There is some faint alcohol coming through as well thanks to the big alcohol content of the beer but it is masked for the most part and doesn’t overpower you. I could detect some pine and vanilla notes with a lot of sugar and some cherry as well to round things off with.
Taste (8/10): Again some sweet malts and caramel kick things off, alongside some vanilla from the nose as well and hints of alcohol too. Despite this alcohol the beer was surprisingly easy to drink and this was helped along by some pleasant dark fruits and spice along with some maple syrup and butterscotch adding to the sweetness in the taste.
Palate (4/5): A sweet beer throughout but not sickeningly so, there was an incredibly smooth feel to the beer on top of a medium body and the hints of alcohol that also featured throughout. Carbonation was on the soft side becoming slightly stronger as you got to the middle and there was also the occasional touch of bitterness that seemed to linger at the end.

Overall (16/20): Quite a good beer from Innis & Gunn, reminiscent of their flagship Oak Aged Beer offering and one that I will have no complaints about trying again. This one was very smooth and quite easy to drink despite the huge alcohol content and the touches of alcohol dotted throughout the taste. It was sweet and sugary with plenty going on to keep me interested and the warming alcohol feel to the palate was very nice. This one was well worth picking up and I recommend giving it a try if you can find it.

Brewed In: Edinburgh, Scotland
Brewery: Innis & Gunn Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2013
Type: Scotch Ale
Abv: 8.3%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Tesco
Price: £2.39

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