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Dead Guy Ale (230 of 1001)

Rating: 3.55

Another Rogue Ales beer now, my second in quick succession and following one from their Yellow Snow IPA that I reviewed a few days ago. This one is one of the breweries main beers, their unique take on the traditional German Maibock or Heller Bock style that is brewed using the breweries own Pac-Man yeast to give the beer its unusual taste. Originally the beer started life with the title ‘Maierbock’ after being named in honour of brewmaster John Maier before undergoing a rebranding. The beer currently accounts for over 40% of Rogues output and as a unqiue marketing tactic it is also available in some regions in a glow in the dark bottle, although the one I picked up sadly didn’t some this feature. The beer will be my 230th from the 1001 beers list and will be my first new one from the list since trying Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock a few weeks ago, hopefully my progress won’t be quite as slow going forward though.
Dead Guy Ale

Appearance (4/5): A copper amber colour with a half-centimetre tall, foamy head that is a very slightly off-white colour and settles as a thick lacing on the top that covers the entire surface of the beer.
Aroma (7/10): Slightly hoppy at first with some caramel and toffee notes coming through along with some burst of citrus and faint pine. There is a malt base that is a semi-sweet one and I could detect bread and sweet fruits and yeast as well.
Taste (7/10): Pine hops and some citrus kick things off along with some caramel malts and a floral taste that is a little hoppy and hints at some bitterness. There is some sweetness and bread with a few fruits as well, notably some apple.
Palate (3/5): Medium bodied, a fairly good balance and medium carbonation as well, this beer is smooth with a dry and bitter tang from the citrus and some sweetness throughout along with a crisp finish.

Overall (15/20): This beer is an interesting one, it almost seems like an American pale ale at times and it is definitely an unusual take on the Maibock style with the beer growing on you as you work your way down the glass. The caramel sweetness seemed to make itself known in burst and the pine and floral bitterness appeared throughout but it just seemed like there was the final touch missing and I just couldn’t place my finger on what it was, maybe it was a little bland in places or the burst of caramel sweetness were too far apart. A good beer but I imagine this will be a one off for me and I won’t be trying to pick it up again.

Brewed In: Newport, Oregon, United States of America
Brewery: Rogue Ales
First Brewed: 1989
Type: Maibock / Heller Bock
Abv: 6.5%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: The Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £3.50

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