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InishMacSaint Fermanagh Beer

Rating: 3.75

Finally. This one is a beer that I was on the lookout for on my last few trips to the north of Ireland, a beer from what I believe is (or was at one point at least) the only brewery in County Fermanagh. The beer from the Innismacsaint brewery is one that was recommended to be well over a year ago and at the time I was unable to find in anywhere in the area. I finally managed to acquire a bottle from O’Reilly’s off-license in Lisnaskea just before the end of last year and decided to hold on to it, bringing it back to Scotland and finally trying it over the weekend there. The beer is one that proves quite difficult to get a hold of, even in Fermanagh where I’m told it sells out pretty quickly from most places that take delivery of it; in fact I managed to grab the last two bottles in O’Reilly’s that day. It is a beer that is hand crafted at a microbrewery/farm in the west of the country and is one of only a few beers that the brewery makes.

Inishmacsaint Fermanagh Beer

Appearance (5/5): Cloudy and golden in appearance with a large, three centimetre tall head that is a foamy white in colour and leaves touches of lacing on the sides of the glass as well. Retention is pretty good with this one and it holds at about a centimetre tall in height.
Aroma (6/10): Some citrus notes and an almost astringent aroma with some subdued hops and a little biscuit. There is a few malts coming through and some spice as well, particularly towards the end.
Taste (7/10): More malty than the nose with some stronger biscuit flavours coming through as well. There is a little citrus from the nose with some faint sweetness and a touch of spice too. Again some subdued hops come through in places and there is a slightly bitter taste too.
Palate (4/5): Light medium bodied and smooth on the palate with the odd watery spot in there too. There is a nice medium bitterness throughout with some spice and a lingering wet finish with strong carbonation as well.

Overall (13/20): Not a bad beer but not a great one either, the taste is pretty much standard fair for the style with some biscuit malts and subtle hops but not a lot else really. There is some spice and a few bland patches around the middle but besides that is was business as usual and it was very similar to most other golden ales out there.

Brewed In: Drumskimly, Derrygonnelly, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Brewery: Inishmacsaint Brewery
First Brewed: Brewery since 2009
Type: Golden/Blond Ale
Abv: 4.5%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Reilly’s (Lisnaskea)
Price: £2.50 (aprrox.)

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