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Bernard Kvasnicová Desítka

Rating: 2.4

Another beer from the Bernard brewery now, my second beer from them and another that I pickd up from a local mini-market in Prague to drink later the same night in my hotel. This one follows on from the bottle of Bernard Černý Ležák that I reviewed here at the tail end of last month. I opted to pick this one up because I knew that another beer from the brewery, Bernard Celebration, features in the 1001 Beers book and since the label on every bottle was in Czech I took just grabbed any beer from the brewery and hoped for the best. As it turned out, this was not one of the beers to feature in the 1001 beers list and sadly it turned out to be a fairly poor offering; here’s what I thought of it anyway.

Bernard Kvasnicová Desítka

Appearance (3/5): An incredibly clear looking, golden amber colour with a thumb-sized, foamy white head that leaves some lacing on the sides as well.
Aroma (5/10):
 This one had a fair amount of bitterness and some hops upfront with a hint of sweetness as well and some hay as well. There was some subtle, grassy hops but nothing extreme although there was a slightly skunky aroma towards the end as well.
Taste (5/10): Grassy hops and some light, lager malts with some skunk as well. There was some biscuit coming through alongside an earthy flavour that seemed to be the dominate taste of the beer. It was quite basic throughout and fairly light on the taste buds as well.
Palate (2/5): Lively and well-carbonated with some bitterness and a fairly skunk feel to the beer. It was at least quite crisp but not particularly fresh and to be honest it wasn’t anything special sadly.

Overall (8/20): This one was definitely one of the poorer Czech beers I tried whilst in Prague and not one I really enjoyed sadly, if it wasn’t for Haze Cannabis Beer or the Duff Beer that I tried in the city then this would probably have been the worst. The taste was poor and quite skunky with nothing to really save it in any other department; a poor beer and definitely one to avoid.

Brewed In: Humpolec, Vysočina Region, Czech Republoc
Brewery: Bernard Family Brewery
First Brewed: Brewery since 1991
Also Known As: Bernard Light Beer/Bernard Light Yeast Beer
Type: Czech Pilsner
Abv: 4.2%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Hybernská Mini-Market, Prague, Czech Republic
Price: 39Czk (£1.16 approx.)

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