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5 A.M. Saint (Fresh Summer Fruits)

Rating: 4.0

Quite a special beer now and a pretty rare one too, this one coming from the Brewdog ‘hop cannon’ which is basically a way of recirculating unconditioned, finished beer through a container of hops and in this case fresh summer fruits as well. The beer is question, 5 A.M. Saint is a Brewdog beer that I am a big fan of so this reworking of it really appealed to me when I visited the brewery’s Edinburgh pub last week. I’ve seen that Brewdog offer the occasional beer from the hop cannon at most of their bars but before now I had yet to take the plunge and give one a go.
5 A.M. Saint (Fresh Summer Fruits)

Appearance (4/5): Dark amber in appearance with some hints of brown coming through. The beer was a little darker than I was expecting and is topped with a small, foamy white lacing for a head that quickly turns quite patchy.
Aroma (8/10): Naturally there is a strong summer fruits presence on the nose with some orange, berries and grapes along with various others that almost seems a little like Sangria in places. There is a a few malts and some caramel coming through as well and the beer is quite refreshing thanks to the abundance of fruits.
Taste (8/10): As expected, the taste backs up the nose well with a lot of fruits hitting you straight away and to a lesser extent some caramel and sweet malts. There is some strawberries, grapes and orange along with countless others and some citrus and faint hops feature as well.
Palate (4/5): Smooth and subtly sweet with a strong fruit presence adding to this. The body was about medium and the beer had moderate carbonation and similar bitterness levels coming through with a slight citrus tang as well.

Overall (16/20): This one was a very nice twist on the regular 5 A.M. Saint from Brewdog and definitely went down well, even more so considering it was a warm evening and the beer was quite refreshing with a very summer-like taste as you would expect. I enjoyed this one quite a bit and I am already looking forward to my next visit to a Brewdog pub to see what else they have in their hop cannon.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2014 (Original 5am Saint from 2009)
Full Name: Hop Cannon 5 A.M. Saint infused with Fresh Summer Fruits
Type: Amber/Red Ale
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Draught (Schooner)
Purchased: Brewdog, Edinburgh, Scotland
Price: £4.15

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