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Brooklyn Summer Ale

Rating: 3.05

Another offering from New York’s Brooklyn Brewery, my ninth from the brewery and one that quickly follows on from their Local 1 from last month that I particularly enjoyed. I wasn’t exactly running out of beers to try but I decided to pick a bottle of this up seeing as it was a summer seasonal beer and the weather was pretty good on Friday when I picked it up, opting to drink it later the same night. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting from this one but as it turns out the beer is an English Pale Ale and will be my first new beer of that style since way back in November when I reviewed Worthington’s Red Shield. Despite the fact that this isn’t one of my favourite beer styles I was in fact looking forward to trying this one, if only to see what an American craft brewers take on the style would be and seeing that it is the Brooklyn Brewery we are taking about meant I was fairly optimistic going in.

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Appearance (3/5): A very clear looking, golden straw colour with plenty of visual evidence of carbonation through the countless tiny bubbles rising to the surface of the beer. The head was a foamy white one, sitting about a centimetre tall and holding well as I worked my way down the glass.
Aroma (6/10): Definitely an English Pale Ale smell, unmistakable despite the fact it’s been roughly half a year since my last review of one here. There is quite a bit of sweetness with a bread like aroma and some dough, quickly followed by a grassy aroma and some light, earthy malts common to the style. There was some grain and citrus coming through later on with lemon seeming to be the most predominant smell.
Taste (6/10): A mix of earthy malts and grassy hops start things off here, followed by citrus from the nose which comes through a little stronger than I had been expecting but it a pleasant taste nonetheless. There is a few nondescript fruits fighting to be noticed and some light malts and barely with some bread rounding this off.
Palate (3/5): Smooth bodied and about light-medium with a slight tang from the citrus and medium carbonation throughout the beer. The finish was crisp and dry with about moderate bitterness levels.

Overall (13/20): This one was a fairly disappointing beer given what I’ve come to expect from Brooklyn Brewery beers, the taste was pretty much straight down the middle and completely average with nothing to distinguish it from your run-of-the-mill, big brewery English pale ales that are much easier and cheaper to get a hold of in the UK. It was a pleasant version of the style but there are still much better out there to be found for much cheaper and in a bigger bottle too. It was easy enough to drink but it certainly wasn’t memorable and it isn’t one that I would recommend either.

Brewed In: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery
First Brewed: 2006
Type: English Pale Ale
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £2.50 (appox.)

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