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Brixton Porter

Rating: 3.25

Back to Brewdog again, this one from them formed part of their 2013 Prototype Challenge where three beers take back in a public vote to see which one will be added to the brewery’s portfolio of beers. This one will be the third of the three that I will have tried, I managed to pick the other two up (Interstellar & Hobo Pop) at the tail end of last year and drank them both a couple of months ago but I still have a fairly good memory of how they both tasted. As you might be able to guess from the fact that this one has a proper label as opposed to the standard black label on the other two in the challenge, this one managed to come out on top and win the vote; hopefully that means it’s actually the best of the three because two were fairly poor and forgettable offerings.
Brixton Porter

Appearance (4/5): Dark black and opaque with a thumb sized, bubbly beige head that holds well at about a centimetre tall and has touches of lacing on the sides as well and looks quite creamy.
Aroma (6/10): Some dark chocolate with some sweetness and touches of caramel coming through. There is some smoky notes and darker malts along with some spice and tiny amounts of coffee.
Taste (6/10): Much like the smell with some dark malts and plenty of chocolate along with some smoked flavours along with a hint of bitterness and some subtle hops.
Palate (3/5): Smooth and well carbonated with some slight fizz and a medium body. There is some touches of bitterness and it’s creamy in parts as well.

Overall (13/20): Not the best Brewdog offering if I’m honest, the beer is fairly easy to drink but it just doesn’t grab your attention or stand out from the crowd much. A nice effort and one of the better of the 2013 Prototype Challenge but it’s not one I’ll be likely to pick up again in truth.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2013
Type: Porter
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Brewdog.com
Price: £1.95

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