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Rating: 2.25

Continuing with the local beer trend I’m now reviewing another Scottish beer, this time from the Hebridean Brewing Company which admittedly is pushing the ‘local beer’ description to the limits but it is a Scottish beer after all so it counts. This was was first brewed in late January 2002 by the brewery and has been available ever since although it seems to rarely be available too far away from the brewery with online reviews of the beer few and far between. It has however recently been picked up by Aldi supermarkets in the country which has given it a much wider audience and is where I picked up my bottle. Perhaps a few more of the breweries beers will soon be available in my area although I’m not sure how likely that will be and if this one is anything to go by I’m not sure how welcome they will be either.


Appearance (2/5): A cloudy, pale amber colour with a thin, off-white head that is more of a thin lacing on the surface than anything else and soon starts to fade, almost disappearing completely bar the odd bubble sitting on the surface.
Aroma (7/10): Quite funky and sour with a lot of tarty smells with some sweetness and a few fruits coming through. This wasn’t at all what I was expecting from this one, it’s definitely not what I’m used to from the style with some apricot and citrus notes but not much in the way of malts or bitterness really but it was a pleasant surprise at least.
Taste (4/10): Initially this one starts quite tarty and sour with some funky flavours coming through but it soon seems more like a bitter with some earthy malts and a few subtle hops shortly after that. There is an almost astringent taste throughout the beer through and it’s not particularly pleasant with it also seeming a little watery to bland in places too; it’s a bit all over the place really and a pretty poor tasting beer if I’m honest.
Palate (2/5): Quite a tangy beer with an incredibly sour at the start, this is followed by a watery mouthfeel soon after. The beer has about medium carbonation throughout whilst the body starts about medium but becomes lighter from then on.

Overall (7/20): This one was all over the place, it started with a fairly poor appearance that was quite cloudy and produced nothing in the way of a head but the aroma was a definite step in the right direction with some good sourness and tarty smell, although I’m not entirely sure that was the intention of the brewers when they made this one. A very poor beer and I’d go as far as to question if the beer was infected or not, either way it’s one I’ll be avoiding in future.

Brewed In: Stornoway, Isle of Lewis
Brewery: Hebridean Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2002
Type: English Bitter
Abv: 3.9%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Aldi (Wishaw)
Price: £1.99

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