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Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout (249 of 1001)

Rating: 3.45

Time for my second beer from the Ridgeway brewery, this one following on from Ivanhoe that I tried a couple of years ago and didn’t really enjoy at all. This one is a beer that features in the 1001 beers list though so I am quietly confident that this one will prove to be the better of the two. The beer was initially based on a Christmas special known as ‘Lump of Coal’ when it was launched in 2006, before the recipe was tweaked slightly and it took its currently form as a year-round offering. It’s becoming increasingly rare that I can find English brewed beers from the 1001 beers list that I’ve yet to try, this one will be my what I think is my 49th such beer from the country and I still have some way to go before I’ve tried them all. I picked this one up from the Beers Of Europe website before Christmas last year and seeing as this was one of the stronger beers I ordered I opted to hold back on trying it and let it sit for a few months; despite that fact we’re now in summer and it is an export strength stout I’m deciding to give it a go now and am looking forward to do so.
Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout

Appearance (3/5): Pitch black in colour with a half centimetre tall, foamy head that is a light beige in colour and slowly fades to a fine lacing on the surface. The beer looks fairly still and is opaque with the head gradually turning patchy after about forty-five seconds before almost disappearing completely.
Aroma (6/10): A strong stout aroma with deep, roasted malts and chocolate coming through along with some hints of coffee. The beer has some touches of smoke around the middle and I could detect a faint bit of alcohol but this was negligible with the 8% abv. hidden for the most part. The beer is rounded off with some light spice and sugar but its the toasted malts that dominates.
Taste (7/10): This one is quite spicy upfront with plenty of roasted malts and coffee that match the smell with some sugar and earthy flavours following soon behind. I could detect some chocolate and grain with hints of sweetness rounding things off nicely.
Palate (4/5): Slightly spicy to begin with but some sweetness follows towards the end.  The beer is medium bodied, quite smooth and hints at being creamy in places with a tiny amount of grain initially but this passes quickly and the beer is a fairly easy one to drink with most of the alcohol content hidden well.

Overall (15/20): Not a bad beer at all from Ridgeway, it didn’t look great but the taste was quite good despite being fairly standard for the style. This one wasn’t quite as sweet as some of the other foreign export stouts I’ve tried previously but there was some coming through in the taste, particularly towards the end and the alcohol content of the beer was relatively well hidden too. It’s not a classic beer by any means but it was an enjoyable one at least and one I’d consider picking up again if it was slightly easier to get a hold of north of the border.

Brewed In: South Stoke, England
Brewery: Ridgeway Brewing
First Brewed: 2006
Type: Foreign / Export Stout
Abv: 8.0%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: BeersOfEurope.co.uk
Price: £2.99

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