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Yorkshire Stingo (250 of 1001)

Rating: 4.15

A relatively new one from Samuel Smith’s brewery now, by their standards anyway, this one is a strong English ale from the brewery that was first launched back in 2008 and I managed to picked up a 2012 bottle of the stuff whilst in York late last year. The beer takes its name from an old English folk song with ‘Stingo’ meaning strong ale so it fits this one perfectly. The beer was introduced 250 years after the founding on The Old Brewery although it isn’t a commemorative beer despite the fact it could easily be one given the strength of the beer. This one should have the potential to be aged for a number of years but can also be drank fresh due to the fact that Samuel Smith ages the beer for a year before bottling anyway, for this reason I’ve decided to try it now and see how it tastes, if it’s as good as I hope then I’ll have to see about picking up another bottle and aging that one.
Yorkshire Stingo

Appearance (5/5): Caramel brown with a huge, inch high, very foamy looking head that has a creamy looking layer at the top. Retention is excellent here, particularly given the abv. of the beer with zero movement over the opening four or five minutes before it eventually starts to subside, leaving what is still a fairly sizable head sitting a couple of centimetres tall with some nice lacing on the sides of the glass.
Aroma (8/10): Strong on the nose with good malts and toffee coming through plus a nice alcohol edge to it as well. Plenty of ripe and sweet fruits, oak and vanilla featuring too. A very good smelling beer with a solid balance and the touches of alcohol only improve things, as does the sweetness from the fruits.
Taste (7/10): Again the sweetness kicks things off with some ripe fruits and vanilla coming through, there was some of the oak from the aroma in there as well and I could detect bread and malts with a great balance between flavours. The beer is rounded out with some toffee and the flavour was a very good one.
Palate (4/5): Very smooth with a nice alcohol kick throughout, there isn’t much in the way of bitterness to this one but some sweetness is present from the start. The balance of this one was good and despite the strength it was quite an easy one to drink.

Overall (17/20): Another very good offering from Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery, a strong one from the start but it didn’t overpower and went down surprisingly easy with a good balance. The beer was a good one to mark me making it through 250 beers from the 1001 beers list, I quite enjoyed this one and would definitely be tempted to pick this one up again if I can manage to find it and the price maybe isn’t quite as much as I paid this time around; regardless it’s still a great beer.

Brewed In: Tadcaster, England
Brewery: Samuel Smith Old Brewery
First Brewed: 2008
Full Name: Samuel Smith’s Yorkshire Stingo
Type: English Strong Ale
Abv: 8.0%
Serving: Bottle (550ml)
Purchased: Evil Eye Lounge (York)
Price: £6.00 (approx.)

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