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Wrasslers XXXX Stout (256 of 1001)

Rating: 3.55

I’m down to the final two now, this being the penultimate Irish beer from the 1001 beers list that I have still to review here with a review of the other, Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale to follow shortly after this one. This is a beer that I managed to try on-tap at one the breweries six bars during a visit to their original Dublin location in the Temple Bar area of the city centre. I’ve come close to trying this one in the past, having previously passed up the chance to order a bottle online, instead opting for the same brewery’s more well known Oyster Stout which is their only other beer to feature on the 1001 beers list and a beer I quite enjoyed. Despite this one being the last beer from them on the 1001 beers list, I still have another from Porterhouse to review here shortly and hopefully it won’t be the last time I get my hands on one of their beers.

Wasslers XXXX Stout

Appearance (5/5): Opaque black with a thumb-sized, creamy looking head that’s beige to white in colour and holds incredibly well as I’ve come to expect from Irish stouts of late, there was some nice bits of lacing on the sides of the glass too.
Aroma (7/10): There is a strong bitterness from this one on the nose initially, plenty of coffee comes through as well and I could detect some toasted notes with hints of caramel backing them up. Some milk chocolate and earthy notes also feature with some grain and a little sweetness towards the end.
Taste (6/10): Quite a bitter-tasting beer with it coming through a little stronger here than it did with the nose. There is some coffee and a definite chocolate like taste that had a touch of milk accompanying it and a little more sweetness than there was with the nose. Some burnt toast, grain and earthy malts plus some caramel came through from the middle on but the beer was just that little bit too bitter for my liking sadly.
Palate (3/5): Quite a smooth beer, not in the same league as the like of Murphy’s mind you but it still went down quite easily with only hints of grain making themselves known. The beer was lightly carbonated and sweet throughout, although this was a light sweetness and nothing in your face or exuberant with the bitterness seeming to take over and dominate from quite early on. The finish was a dry one and the bitterness managed to hold on long after each sip as well.

Overall (13/20): Not a bad effort from Porterhouse but not quite up to the standard set by their Oyster Stout that I tried previously, mainly due to the fact that the bitterness was a little overpowering and not to my taste but it was a pleasant enough beer to drink and one that proved fairly easy to drink. It’s not one I’ll have again down to the fact that the same brewery offers countless other beers that I’ve yet to try but I’m glad I got my hands on a pint.

Brewed In: Dublin, Ireland
Brewery: The Porterhouse Brewing Company
First Brewed: 1996
Type: Irish Dry Stout
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Pint (Draught)
Purchased: The Porterhouse (Temple Bar), Dublin, Ireland
Price: €4.90 (approx. £3.88)

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