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Founders Breakfast Stout (259 of 1001)

Rating: 4.8

A huge hitter of a beer now, this one will be my eighth beer from the Michigan based Founders brewery and definitely goes down as the highest rated beer from them that I’ve picked up so far. The beer is listed on RateBeer as the 48th best beer ever with a 100 overall rating, whilst it occupies the number 27 spot of BeerAdvocate where is also enjoyed a 100 rating. In addition to these excellent online rating the beer will also be my first from Founders that features on the 1001 beers list, my 259th beer in total to make an appearance on the list. The beer itself is a strong one at 8.3% but it’s definitely not super strength and should prove overpowering either. It s brewed with flaked oats as well as Sumatra and Kona coffee plus some sweetened chocolates so I’m expecting a lot of this to be imparted on the taste from the start. I picked this one up some time ago in Glasgow and have had it sitting in the cupboard ever since with part of me dying to try it and the rest of me want to save it for a special occasion but with a move coming up I’ve slowly been working my way through some of my cellared beers and it’s finally time, let’s just hope it proves to be worth the wait.

Founders Breakfast Stout

Appearance (5/5): Jet black in colour with a thin and light brown lacing that pretty much covers the surface of the beer on top, staying the same right up until I started drinking the beer. Although not much of  a head on the beer, I’ll forgive it consider the abv. but it still looks quite nice.
Aroma (9/10): Quite strong on the nose as you would expect, some oatmeal and plenty of chocolate come through right away, there is some coffee in there too and as a result some milky notes and sweetness. There is a lot of good roasted notes and hints of bitterness, offset with some sugar but I really struggled to detect anything the way of alcohol with the high abv. seemingly masked completely by the chocolate and dark malts.
Taste (10/10): Starting with the strong chocolate flavour that the nose hinted at, the beer is subtly sweet to begin with before some light bitterness comes through and a strong coffee taste follows this, some oatmeal also appears but this is light. There is some espresso like flavours and tonnes of cocoa with a beautiful roasted malt taste along with some darker fruits and sugar plus maybe even a hint of vanilla; this beer tastes exceptional.
Palate (5/5): Full bodied and very smooth, surprisingly the alcohol content is almost hidden completely with only the slightly warming feel of the beer giving an indication as to the strength of this one. There is a lot of sweetness from the start with only the occasional hint of bitterness; it’s frighteningly easy to drink too, the only thing slowing me down was my wanting to savour it a little longer.

Overall (18/20): This one was an exceptional beer from Founders, definitely the best I’ve tried from them and up there with the best I’ve tried from any brewery for that matter. The beer was loaded to the brim with chocolate and coffee flavours throughout with a nice amount sweetness coming through too. Despite the relatively strong abv. this one was a very easy beer to drink and is definitely on that I’ll be on the look out for in future, it’s that good.

Brewed In: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America
Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2001
Type: Imperial Stout
Abv: 8.3%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £4.00

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