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Berliner Pilsner

Rating: 3.25

Back to Germany again now and another beer that I tried for the first time whilst in Berlin last month, this one a local beer in the truest sense of the word with this one actually being brewed in Berlin; naturally given the name of the beer. This will be my second review of a beer from the Berliner Kindl Schultheiss brewery and one that follows on from the bottle of Berliner Kindl Weisse that I reviewed here last year, although I did manage to try another couple of the breweries beers whilst in Germany but never got the chance to review anymore of them. This one was a fairly average German style pilsner and one that I seemed to pick up most of the time because there wasn’t else on offer in certain bars, most of the time when grabbing a bottle to drink on the street I opted for something more adventurous. Still this one was by no means a bad beer, it’s just that Germany has many better ones I would rather be drinking.

Berliner Pilsner

Appearance (3/5): A clear golden colour that boarders on straw with a foamy white head about a thumbs-width tall. Retention is okay with the head managing to hold for a few minutes with some light lacing on the sides too.
Aroma (6/10): Light lager malts but it was quite faint on the nose really. I could detect some subtle hops and a few grassy notes as well as some bitterness lingering in the background but in truth it could have used a little extra or at least something different to grab your attention.
Taste (6/10): Light bitterness in the taste that manages to match the nose well, there is some grassy flavours and a basic lager malt backing. Again this beer could have benefited from being a little stronger but the taste was at least an easy-going on but it definitely wasn’t a stand out German lager.
Palate (4/5): Light and fairly smooth, the beer was semi-bitter with a fairly inoffensive mouthfeel that bordered on bland in places. The finish was a dry one and the beer was quite crisp throughout with a clean feel to it.

Overall (13/20): Not a bad lager but definitely not a great one and not exactly worth trying when you compare it to the countless other German lagers out there that I would rate much higher than this one. The beers biggest asset was how easy it was to drink but it was a fairly boring beer in the long run with the taste and smell both seeming a little weak and uninteresting. Worth a try if you’re in Berlin, mainly because you can’t avoid the stuff but this one was a fairly forgettable beer without being a bad one.

Brewed In: Berlin, Germany
Brewery:  Berliner Kindl Schultheiss Brauerei
First Brewed: Brewery since 1872
Type: German Pilsner
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Draught (500ml)
Purchased: Zum Elefanten, Berlin, Germany
Price: €3.00 (approx. £2.39)

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