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Moinette Blonde (265 of 1001)

Rating: 3.9

A beer that is considered a benchmark for high-strength, bottle conditioned golden ales now, a Belgian beer I picked up towards the end of last year that will be the last beer from my Beers of Europe order in the run up to Christmas last year. The main reason I have put off trying what will surely be another excellent Belgian beer until now is partly because of the strength, although it is only 8.5% but the main reason was because I felt it would age a lot better than some of the other beers I’ve picked up since but now it’s finally time to give this one a go and check another beer off the 1001 list. The beer will be my second from the Dupont brewery and follows on from their Saison Dupont that I enjoyed here some time ago and despite not being as well-known (to me at least) Moinette Blonde outsells Saison Dupont at home in Belgium so hopefully that is a sign of good taste and this one can perhaps surpass the saison, let’s find out.

Moinette Blonde

Appearance (4/5): Golden yellow in colour, slightly cloudy looking and topped with a finger-sized, foamy white head on top that doesn’t move much at all over the opening minutes. Quite a decent looking beer with better head retention than I had been expecting and some initial signs of visible carbonation too.
Aroma (7/10): Initially strong yeast on the nose with plenty of citrus notes coming through, mainly lemon but some tart and funky smells back this up well. Some fruits, notably apples and peach, start to come through around the middle plus a little coriander, with plenty of pepper and spice balancing this out well.
Taste (8/10): This one matches the smell fairly well with the yeast and lemon present early on, albeit a little more subdued here. There is the apple from the nose too and some pear coming through as well not to mention the spice and pepeer. I could detect some grass and some subtle hops feature towards the end, backed by some floral flavours too.
Palate (4/5): A very dry beer with a light-medium body and above average carbonation and a slightly grainy palate that features some alcohol and quite a crisp finish.

Overall (16/20): Another highly enjoyable Belgian beer, this one was reminiscent of a saison early on and not being the biggest fan of the style I was initially worried but the funk, tart and Belgian yeast died down some and the fruit flavours and spice slowly took over. The beer was a well balanced some and despite the alcohol content it still managed to go down easily, While it’s not a beer that I’d go back to time and again, I would definitely consider trying again at some point in the future.

Brewed In: Tourpes-Leuze, Belgium
Brewery: Brasserie Dupont
First Brewed: 1955
Type: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Abv: 8.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: BeersOfEurope.co.uk
Price: £2.59

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