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Beck’s Vier

Rating: 1.85

Time for what is now an increasingly rare macro-lager for myself, this one being my sixth beer from German brewers Beck’s and one that follows on from their Haake Beck Pils I tried over the summer in Bremen where both the beers are brewed (although this one is packaged in the UK). This one is a beer that was launched in April 2006 for the UK market (in a time before craft beer) and comes in tiny 275ml bottles at 4% abv., the ‘Vier’ part of the name translating to English as ‘four’ account for the alcohol content. The beer is also available in kegs (possibly cans as well) and I’ve spotted it on a number of occasions over the years, perhaps even trying it once or twice without really thinking about it. I picked up a few bottles the other week for a party since they were cheap and weren’t either Budweiser or Tennents but I wasn’t under the impression they’d be a whole lot better, now it’s time to find out if they are or not.

Beck's Vier
Appearance (2/5): Light amber to golden in colour with a centimetre tall, bubbly white head that disappeared completely after about twenty seconds.
Aroma (4/10): Very light on the nose with some corn and faint skunk notes, there was some adjuncts as well and a touch of grassy hops. Some bitterness also comes through but like the rest this is light as well, bordering on weak.
Taste (4/10): Grassy hops and a light bitterness to start things off, there was some faint skunk and a few lager type malts and adjuncts. A bland and weak tasting beer that didn’t taste great at all.
Palate (2/5): Light bodied with a grainy feel to it, particularly towards the end of the beer and some chewy patches throughout. The body was very light and watery with some faint bitterness and slightly above average carbonation.

Overall (5/20): This one was a fairly poor beer from Beck’s, although to be honest I wasn’t really expecting much more for it in truth. The beer was far too weak and light which made it a drag to work my way down, it wasn’t even good for a macro pale lager either and it’s not one I’ll be picking up again.

Brewed In: Bremen, Germany
Brewery: Brauerei Beck & Co.
First Brewed: 2006
Type: Pale Lager
Abv: 4.0%
Serving: Bottle (275ml)
Purchased: Morrison’s (Glasgow)
Price: £0.53 (approx.)

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