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Thornbridge Tzara

Rating: 3.7

Another beer that I received recently as a housewarming gift and what will be my second Thornbridge beer of the last month or so, following on from the AM:PM session ale that I tried towards the end of September. This one will also be only my second kölsch beer, the other being Früh Kölsch that I tried and was quite disappointed by back in the summer so hopefully this one will be more to my liking. Released in late 2011, this one from the Derbyshire brewery is a hybrid beer that is fermented like an ale then lagered so lets hope it takes the best of both worlds; either way it’s one I’m looking forward to if only to make myself more familiar with the style of beer.

Thornbridge Tzara

Appearance (4/5): Light golden and very clear with some visible carbonation in the way of plenty of fine bubbles rising to the surface as the beer settles down. There is a fairly large, two inch tall head on top that is white and foamy looking and slowly fades to leave one that is roughly half a centimetre tall. The beer is perhaps a touch light but it’s clear and looks good with the head remaining steady after the initial reduction in size.
Aroma (7/10): Pleasant lager type malts with some citrus notes that were slightly stronger than I’d been expecting. There is some lemon coming through soon after and a few grassy hops make an appearance too. The nose isn’t the strongest in the world but it is well balanced and enjoyable nonetheless.
Taste (7/10): Strong citrus flavours and some lager hops start things off, there is some grassy flavours and quite a refresh taste to this one with some spice and faint yeast in there as well. There is a fruity background to the taste of this one with some light malts and a touch of bitterness towards the end.
Palate (4/5): 
Clean and smooth on the way down, there beer is a fresh tasting one with a light medium body and moderate carbonation. There is a slight citrus tang to the beer that helped it down and it is also slightly dry towards the end with some faint bitterness coming through.

Overall (14/20): Quite an enjoyable beer from Thornbridge, this one definitely seemed to be an improvement on the last beer from the brewery that I tried, their AM:PM session IPA. This one seemed more German than English which can only be a good thing with this type of beer and I also found it to be better than the last and only other of the style that I have tried up until now. The taste was a smooth and clean one with a good balance that helped it go down quite easily. It’s probably not one I’d go back to but it was an good beer and one worth trying if you get the chance.

Brewed In: Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
 Thornbridge Brewery
First Brewed: 2011
Type: Kölsch
Abv: 4.8%
Serving: Bottle (500ml)
Purchased: Valhalla’s Goat (Glasgow)
Price: £3.45 (Gift)

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