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DC Brau The Corruption

Rating: 3.8

The flagship IPA from DC Brau now, this one following on from last months ‘The Public‘ American pale ale that was the first beer from the brewery that I tried. This one was another can I was gifted from someone returning from Virignia in the United States recently with both DC Brau offerings allowing me to check off another American ‘state’ of beers that I’ve tried despite the fact that I’m well aware Washington DC isn’t an offical state. When I was given this can I was told that the beer wasn’t a particularly good one but it seems to get fairly good reviews online and I’m anxious to find out how it actually tastes, I’m sure it’ll go down just fine.

DC Brau The Corruption

Appearance (4/5): Pours a hazy orange to amber colour with a half centimetre, foamy white head that has the odd bubble in it and holds pretty well initially with little movement, if only the head was slightly bigger then this would have been a perfect start. It does eventually turn slightly patchy but it still looks great.
Aroma (7/10): Medium strength hops and bitterness coming through, the nose consisting mainly of pine and cedar notes but with some sweetness and lighter malts coming through as well, both of these giving the beer a nice balance. Some citrus and juicy fruits start to come through towards the end but I felt the aroma could have been a little stronger.
Taste (7/10): Pine and citrus hops to start things off that give the beer quite a bitter taste but there is also quite a few floral flavours coming through. The sweetness from the nose isn’t as strong here but thankfully the taste was more pronounced than the nose with some caramel/sweet malts and some grapefruit featuring as well. Again it was quite nice but I was expecting a more hop filled taste that it didn’t quite  deliver on.
Palate (4/5): Smooth with a medium body and good carbonation, the beer is naturally quite bitter but it’s not too strong. There is a dry finish and a crisp, sharp bite to proceedings at the end.

Overall (16/20): My second beer from DC Brau, the second good one from them that I’ve tried. I’d been told not to expect much from this one but as it turned out it wasn’t too bad an offering in the end; certainly not the strongest IPA taste or smell wise with the aroma in particular lacking some strength the flavours were good and the balance was too, a decent beer and one I’d go back to now and again if it were readily available in the UK.

Brewed In: Washington D.C., United States of America
Brewery: DC Brau
First Brewed: 2011
Full Name: DC Brau The Public Pale Ale
Type: American IPA
Abv: 6.5%
Serving: Can (355ml)
Purchased: Virginia, United States of America
Price: Gift

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