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Founders Imperial Stout

Rating: 4.55

A beer that I’ve been building up to for quite some time now, another Founder Imperial Stout that happens to go by that very name and was a World Beer Cup bronze medal winner in 2010. This is a bottle I picked up in Glasgow some time ago and have been ‘ageing’ ever since as I’ve quite a few ‘big beers’ to get through and since they don’t fade with age they usually end up at the back of my queue. A huge beer that comes in at 10.5% abv. and one that I’m very much looking forward too, particularly after trying Founders Breakfast Stout recently and rating that as one of my all time favourite beers; hopefully this one turns out to be just as good although that is a tall order. The beer itself is a winter seasonal that is usually available from January until March each year, I believe the bottle I will be reviewing is a 2013 vintage as it was a while ago when I picked it up and the bottle makes no mention of the year. Time to get drinking, cheers!

Founders Imperial Stout (in glass)

Appearance (5/5): This one pours pitch black and opaque with a still body and a is topped with a slightly lighter, chocolate coloured head that isn’t bad considering the strength of this beer with it sitting as more of a creamy lacing on the top of the beer and showing a little more build up around the edges.
Aroma (8/10): Quite strong on the nose with a lot of coffee and particularly chocolate making itself known every early on, there is some alcohol coming through as well but it’s not overly strong and some touches of sweetness. Definitely a big beer but with the alcohol fairly well hidden on the nose at least, there is some dark malts and sugar with smoky notes making an appearance as well as some dark fruits and roasted hints to the aroma.
Taste (9/10): Following on well from the nose, this one is a strong beer with a lot of chocolate coming through upfront followed by some smoky flavours and coffee. There is some alcohol coming through soon after but as the nose suggested this is fairly well hidden given the strength of the beer. Some milky chocolate comes through as well, with dark malts and even darker fruits following on behind before some roasted flavours and further sweetness finish things off.
Palate (5/5): This part was definitely the beers biggest selling point, a huge 10.5% abv. beer that was incredibly easy to drink and full of flavours despite the odd bit of alcohol making itself known. The beer was very smooth and full-bodied with almost no carbonation which managed to give the beer a nice, creamy feel to it with some boozy parts, a little sweetness too and an excellent, warming alcohol finish; amazing stuff.

Overall (17/20): This one was another fantastic Founders beer, I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t try it sooner and pick up another few bottles when my local bottle shop had them in stock because it was that good. Whilst not quite in the same league as the same brewery’s Breakfast Stout this one was a pleasure to drink and went down ridiculously easy for such a strong beer with only a touch of alcohol showing. Definitely a beer well worth picking up and one I’m likely to grab again if it becomes available in my area again anytime soon.

Brewed In: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America
Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
First Brewed: circa. 2000
Type: Imperial Stout
Abv: 10.5%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £4.00

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