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Southside Zester

Rating: 2.55

Following on from the recently reviewed Westwood Stout, this one is a second beer from the Brewdgo #CollabFest2014 that involved teaming each of their sixteen UK bars with a local brewery and getting them to collaborate in brewing a unique beer for the day which was held on October 25th. This one was a joint effort from Brodie’s in London and the team at the Clapham Junction Brewdog bar, a lime Berliner Weisse that comes in at 3.7% abv. and goes by either the Southside Zester name that I have listed it under of the alternative title of Livin La Vida Lime Juice which give more of an insight into the taste of the beer. I sampled this one in Brewdog Glasgow on the day and I’m still not sure why I opted for this one over some of the more obvious choices available to me, particularly the Scottish brewed beers that included one from the Glasgow team; I guess it because it’s not every often you get to try a Berliner Weisee on tap.

Southside Zester

Appearance (3/5): Quite a cloudy beer with a light golden colour that is almost yellow and has tiny bits of lacing on top for a head with the majority sitting around the edges.
Aroma (6/10): Initially quite sour with plenty of lemons, the limes that the beers alternate name comes from are also present but not to the same extent I don’t think, there was a few citrus notes as well but the beer almost seemed like a lemonade on the nose; quite pungent and overpowering at times.
Taste (5/10): Ridiculously sour on the taste buds, although I guess that should have been expected but the beer still seemed to be excessively sour and unbalanced. There was tonnes of lime and citrus flavours with lemon also featuring heavily. There wasn’t much bitterness to this one and no hops either but some wheat and tarty flavours did come through, some background fruits as well.
Palate (2/5): As you might have guessed from the taste comments above, this one was very sour and tarty with not much balance either. I found the beer drinkable but certainly not enjoyable with a light medium body, strong carbonation and an incredibly dry and sour finish.

Overall (9/20): Not a great beer at all in my book, in fact this one was an outright disappointment and I wish I’d gone for something better given the vast selection of one-off beers available in the pub that afternoon. This one was incredibly sour and funky with it becoming very overpowering almost immediately and in the end proving to be a real struggle to finish.

Brewed In: London, England
Brewery: Brodie’s / Brewdog Clapham Junction (collaboration)
First Brewed: 2014
Also Known As: Livin La Vida Lime Juice
Type: Berliner Weisse
Abv: 3.7%
Serving: Draught (Schooner)
Purchased: Brewdog, Glasgow, Scotland
Price: £3.65

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