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Orach Slie

Rating: 3.7

My first new beer from the Harviestoun brewery in quite some time now, I think the last I had was their Scottish Craft Lager offering brewed for Marks & Spencer that I enjoyed about a year ago now. This one is a new beer for 2014, released around March of this year and like that last offering this one was another beer I recieved as a birthday gift. The bottle is nicely presented with foil covering the neck and a tag hanging from it as well like I’ve seen with a few other Harviestoun beers. The beer itself is apparently a variant of the brewery’s flagship Schiehallion lager, only this version has been aged in casks from the Glenfarclas Distillery that is said to result in a lightly-hopped, high-abv version of the original Schiehallion and as such I’m quite looking forward to giving this one ago.

Órach Slie

Appearance (4/5): Pours a bright, golden blonde colour with golden tinges and a thin, quarter centimetre head that is a foamy white colour. The beer is incredibly clear and head retention is about average with it eventually turning into a patchy lacing roughly a minute or so after I poured it.
Aroma (7/10): Smelling quite sweet, this one definitely seems like it has been barrel aged with some vanilla and oak making an appearance early on, some butterscotch also makes itself known soon after. There are faint hints of alcohol present but these are mainly drowned out by the sweet malts and light, almost earthy hops; it’s unusual on the nose but I’m looking forward to trying this one now.
Taste (7/10): Quite a sweet tasting beer with a good combination of sweet malts, vanilla and butterscotch with some oak backing it up. It’s an unusual taste with it not being every day that you see a barrel aged lager but it does seem to work well without really excelling. Some background fruits and biscuit with touches of alcohol see things out though.
Palate (4/5): Quite bubbly with a fair amount of carbonation coming through, this one is a light-medium bodied beer that was smooth and quite crisp too with a few sticky patches but overall it was an easy one to drink with a lively feel to it throughout. There was some alcohol coming through and it hinted at some skunk ever so slightly but it still went down well, not a bad mouthfeel at all from this one.

Overall (14/20): As it turned out this one wasn’t too bad an offering from Harviestoun but I was expecting a lot more from it, it just seemed too light and ordinary when the bottle is presented as being something completely different. It went down easy enough but there wasn’t much to it that would have me crying out for another bottle I’m afraid.

Brewed In: Alva, Scotland
Brewery: Harviestoun Brewery
First Brewed: 2014
Type: Premium Lager
Abv: 6.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Edinburgh, Scotland
Price: Gift

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