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Route des Épices (269 of 1001)

Rating: 3.55

Time for the first of four Dieu du Ciel beers that I recently ordered from the Brewdog online shop now, this one going down as only my 3rd Canadian beer ever and my first since reviewing the same brewery’s Pénombre black IPA back March this year, even I’m surprised how hard it seems to be to pick up Canadian beers in the UK. This one is a rye beer brewed with both black and green peppercorns and is another beer for the 1001 beers list and that coupled with the fact that it was one of their cheaper bottles were the main reasons I ordered a bottle the other month. I also picked up a bottle of Rosée d’Hibiscus from the same brewery, another that features on the 1001 list and one that I’ll review here in the not to distant future; it’s definitely been a while since I’ve checked a few off the list but at least this makes another one down.

Route des Épices

Appearance (4/5): Medium amber to ruby in appearance with a thin, half centimetre tall head that is foamy looking and a very slightly off-white colour. Retention is fairly good with little initial movement and the body is ever so slightly cloudy.
Aroma (6/10): Quite malty upfront and seemingly very English in style with only a touch of spice and peppercorn coming through. There was some earthy notes but also some sweetness with touches of caramel light but noticeable. I got some rye as well and faint grassy notes, not a bad smelling beer at all but definitely not all that complex either.
Taste (7/10): Starting off like the nose, there was quite a lot of malts coming through with some sweetness backing it up but it is the spicy flavours and strong peppercorn taste that seems to take centre stage here with a lot of it making itself known. I got some grassy flavours as well as some rye with various spices and a nutty taste to round things off.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and smooth with a tonne of spice coming through and lingering right past the finish. Carbonation seemed quite light with this beer and it was definitely a dry one but it was enjoyable too.

Overall (13/20): Not a bad beer at all and certainly a lot better than I was expecting given the aroma of the beer, it definitely wasn’t a classic but I did enjoy the spiciness to it and its fairly unique flavours. While it’s not a beer I’m likely to pick up again it is one it was a decent beer and a very spicy one at that.

Brewed In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Brewery: Dieu du Ciel
First Brewed: 2002
Type: Rye/Spiced Beer
Abv: 5.3%
Serving: Bottle (341ml)
Purchased: The Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £3.00

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