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Anchor California Lager

Rating: 3.75

This one, my twelfth Anchor beer in total and my fifth this year alone, is the brewery’s recreation of what is claimed to be California’s first genuine lager, a beer made by Boca in 1876 (according to the brewers notes anyway, how they know this they didn’t say). The beer is one I ordered online recently as a last minute addition to my shopping cart having tried the majority of the main beers Anchor produce and I try to pick up any new ones as and when I find them. This is one that I have high hopes for, particularly given the recent disappointment of Pabst Blue Ribbon and the fact that I’ve not reviewed too many new pale lagers this year.

Anchor California Lager

Appearance (4/5): This one pours a clear and bright looking, light amber colour and is topped with a foamy white head that starts about three-quarters of a centimetre tall before slowly receding to finish as a patchy lacing on the surface of the beer.
Aroma (7/10): Quite light on the nose and seemingly quite standard for a pale lager, there is some faint citrus and grassy hops on top of some biscuit and lager malts, a bit of bread and corn coming through as well. There wasn’t a whole lot to this one aroma-wise but it did seem pleasant on the nose at least.
Taste (7/10): Quite a nice lager taste to this one with more citrus coming through that the nose hinted at, there is some corn and bread as well with a few floral flavours making an appearance too. The taste wasn’t the most complex but it was pleasant enough with some bitterness and a slight tang towards the end.
Palate (4/5): Smooth with a clean and crisp taste complimented by a pleasant citrus tang, this beer was easy going done with a medium body and touches of dryness right at the end.

Overall (15/20): This one was a very nice Anchor offering, not their best by any means but certainly not their worst either, a great pale lager that comes out miles ahead of the run-of-the-mill macro crap that includes the last of the style that I reviewed, Pabst Blue Ribbon from yesterday. The clean and crisp taste with the hints of citrus were excellent and the beer was a very easy one to drink; a beer well worth picking up.

Brewed In: San Francisco, California, United States of America
Brewery: Anchor Brewing Company
First Brewed: 2014
Also Known As: Anchor Zymaster Series No. 1 California Lager
Type: Premium Lager/Pale Lager
Abv: 4.9%
Serving: Bottle (355ml)
Purchased: BeersOfEurope.co.uk
Price: £2.19

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