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Franciscan Well Friar Weisse

Rating: 2.75

As promised, here is a review of my second beer from the Franciscan Well brewery based in Cork and now owned by Molson Coors UK; Friar Weisse. This one is an Irish brewed, German style hefeweizen that follows on from the same breweries Rebel Red that I reviewed a short time ago. This is another beer that I picked up in Ireland over Christmas and New Year, reviewing it later that same week and is one that I was hoping would come out better than the bottle of Rebel Red I tried but sadly that wasn’t the case, here’s what I thought of it.

Franciscan Well Friar Weisse

Appearance (2/5): Medium amber to golden in colour and fairly clear for the style, there is some cloud in the body though but the head was a disappointingly small one. It sits as  more of a thick lacing that head although it does cover the surface and is white in colour but looks pretty poor for a hefeweizen.
Aroma (6/10): Bitter on the nose with some fruits coming through, not as much as I was expecting but I got some banana and clove early on followed by some citrus and lemon. There is a touch of grain and some wheat but the beer seemed a lot weaker than I was hoping for.
Taste (6/10): Banana and wheat flavours kick things off with some cloves and citrus following on from that. There is some yeast and grain coming through with some of the bitterness from the nose as well but to be honest the beer would probably have been better without it; some pear and apple appeared towards the end too.
Palate (3/5): Slightly spicy and quite a tangy, this one was definitively a light bodied beer that came across quite thin. It was at least a smooth one with quite a wet palate and finish but it wasn’t anything to write home about really.

Overall (11/20): Quite a disappointing hefeweizen if I’m honest, this one was too light and thin with an fairly poor appearance as well. Thankfully the taste wasn’t a bad one with the banana and cloves flavours seeming pleasant enough but there’s plenty of much better wheat beers out there to go for over this one.

Brewed In: Cork, Ireland
Brewery: Franciscan Well
First Brewed: 2006
Type: Hefeweizen
Abv: 4.7%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Reilly’s (Lisnaskea)
Price: £1.79

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