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Brewdog Hop Fiction IPA

Rating: 3.25

Now for what will be the third of four beers from the 2014 Brewdog Prototype Challenge, this one the breweries take on the American IPA still which uniquely for then is not dry-hopped or kettle-hopped like the rest of their American IPA’s. Hop Fiction gets its tropical fruits and bitterness from the wort and whirlpool hopping only, although they do admit to use a huge amount of them to get the desired effect. This one follows on from their All Day Long and Alt Amber from the same series of beers and in truth those two won’t take much beating but I’m still hopeful this on proves to be a decent beer. It placed second out of the four in the public vote via Brewdog’s social media platforms, losing out to the gluten-free winner Vagabond Pale Ale so signs are promising but I’m not overly convinced this one will succeed where the past to efforts failed.

Brewdog Hop Fiction

Appearance (3/5): A crystal clear looking, very light amber to golden colour with a thin head that is a bubbly texture and white looking but sits little over one or two millimetres above the surface of the beer before fading to nothing after about twenty seconds or so.
Aroma (6/10): Quite floral on the nose initially, there is some tropical fruits coming through with touches pine, citrus and some herbal notes as well. It’s certainly not as strong on the nose as most other American IPA’s but it’s still fairly easy to detect the fruits along with some honey, grain and further background hops with grassy notes finishing things off.
Taste (6/10): The taste starts with a combination of herbal and floral flavours, some light pine and grapefruit coming through with the odd tropical flavour but nothing too pronounced, the mango seems to be the most noticeable of the bunch. There is some grain and grassy hops with a citrus kick to it and a little orange too but it’s not the most interesting taste and a little different from what I’m used to from the style.
Palate (4/5): A light-medium body with a fair amount of carbonation coming through, it’s probably a bit above average and there is a crisp feel to the beer. The beer is a moderately bitter one for the style, becoming more pronounced towards the end and there is a hint of sweetness in there too.

Overall (13/20): Certainly the best of the three Brewdog prototypes from 2014 that I’ve tried thus far but it’d be quite a stretch to call this one a good beer. Again it proved to be a fairly easy one to drink but it there wasn’t much going on with it really other than the faint tropical fruits and the citrus kick.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2014
Type: American IPA
Abv: 6.5%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: The Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £2.00

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