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Russian Doll – Double IPA

Rating: 3.85

The third of four beers from the Brewdog Russian Doll series, this one the double IPA from the series that comes in at 8% abv. and follows on from both the pale ale and the IPA from the four-pack that I’ve already reviewed here previously. The series got off to a poor start with the pale ale but certainly redeemed itself with the American IPA that I tried last and fairly enjoyed so I’m hopeful this one will be more of the same. Brewdog are famous for the IPA’s and double IPA’s so all signs are pointing towards this being an good beer but I’ve been disappointed with some of their one-off offerings in the past so let’s see how this one rates.

Russian Doll Double IPA

Appearance (4/5): A slightly cloudy but quite still looking medium orange-amber coloured beer that is topped with a half centimetre tall, foamy head that is a cream colour and sits as a fine lacing over the surface with more build up round the edges after a minute or so.
Aroma (7/10): Nice amounts of citrus and light pine coming through alongside some tropical fruits such as mango and apricot. The beer isn’t quite as hoppy as I was expecting but there was a touch of bitterness coming through on the nose right at the end. Some resin appears and the beer seems quite refreshing on the nose at least.
Taste (8/10): More bitter on the taste buds than the nose indicated with the hops and resinous pine more pronounced here than it was with the nose. There is some nice tropical fruit flavours with the mango and apricot both present alongside some some grapefruit and a nice amount of citrus. The taste is rounded off with some nice caramel malts that add a little sweetness to proceedings and the beer is a better one as a result.
Palate (4/5): Smooth and slightly sticky, this one has a fairly good balance and goes down well over the course. There was a nice bitterness to the beer and the alcohol content is fairly well hidden with the finish coming through as clean, dry one.

Overall (15/20): This one is quite a refreshing and very drinkable double IPA, if I’m honest it actually seems more like a regular American IPA to be but I’ll trust Brewdog on this, they know their IPA’s after all. The beer has quite a good balance with a nice hop filled flavour with some good tropical fruits coming through and the caramel right at the end seen things out well.

Brewed In: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
First Brewed: 2014
Type: Imperial/Double IPA
Abv: 8.0%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Brewdog.com
Price: £2.50 (approx.)

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