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De Molen Rasputin

Rating: 3.9

My sixth beer from De Molen now and one that I managed to try on-tap in the Arendsnest Proeflokaal bar in Amsterdam at the start of April. Prior to my trip, I thought I would have tried a lot more De Molen beers while I was in Amsterdam but as it happened this was the only one I managed to sample, although I did spot countless others. One of the reasons I never picked up more of their stuff whilst in the city was partly down to the fact that quite a few De Molen beers already make it to the UK, both in bottles and occasionally on-tap, so I opted to go for some harder to find beers during my trip. As it happens I also have three further De Molen beers sitting in my flat so it shouldn’t be long before a few more De Molen reviews follow this one. As for the beer itself, it is only brewed a few times throughout the year and can be aged for up to 25 years with the first batch originally brewed in March 2007, and bottled the following month consisting of only 297 bottles. This beer now goes by the name ‘Disputin’, at least in the united states anyway due to a dispute over the Rasputin moniker with the California-based North Coast brewery although it was still labelled as Rasputin on the tap when I tried it.

De Molen Rasputin

Appearance (4/5): Really dark in colour, bordering on black with an opaque body and quite a large, two and a half centimetre tall head that is a beige colour, holding quite well given the huge abv. of this one and leaving a bit of lacing on the sides of the glass too.
Aroma (8/10): Quite a malty, sweet nose upfront without coming across all that strong really, noticeable but definitely not an in your face aroma. There was some chocolate notes and some coffee coming through alongside the sweetness with plenty of dark malts too. The balance on the nose seemed to be a good one with some dark fruits such as raisin and plums making an appearance towards the end and adding some further sweetness at the same time.
Taste (7/10): This one was definitely a sweet tasting beer with some cocoa and chocolate coming through early on before being quickly followed by some dark fruits from the nose and a touch of alcohol that wasn’t totally unexpected despite being well hidden on the nose. The beer was a strong one with some roasted malts, a few grains and further sweetness right at the end thanks to the plums, dates and raisins.
Palate (4/5): Smooth and full-bodied with soft carbonation on top of a fairly dry palate that had plenty of sweetness throughout. Overall the beer has a really nice balance and proved a lot easier to drink than I thought with the alcohol content masked quite well from the start.

Overall (16/20): I felt like I rushed through this one a little and should have taken a touch more time to fully appreciate it but it was such a strong beer with a huge kick at the end so it wasn’t like I downed it in one. The beer was quite a sweet one throughout with a nice chocolate malt flavour that had an excellent balance and went down surprisingly easy for such a strong beer, excellent stuff and definitely one worth trying.

Brewed In: Bodegraven, South Holland, Netherlands
Brewery: Brouwerij de Molen
Also Known As: De Molen Disputin / De Molen Cease & Desist
First Brewed: 2007
Type: Imperial Stout
Abv: 10.7%
Serving: Draught (250ml)
Purchased: Arendsnest Proeflokaal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: €6.50 (approx. £4.81)

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