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Hoptimista IPA

Rating: 3.7

My first new Spanish beer in quite some time now, this one comes from the Edge Brewery in Barcelona and is their flagship American IPA offering. The brewery was founded in 2013 by two American’s in Barcelona and this particular beer was introduced sometime in early 2014 so they are a fairly new outfit but already their beers are making it across to the UK which is good to see. I first heard of this brewery when I visited the Delirium beer café in Amsterdam in early April of this year and one of their beers was available on-tap there, I managed to try a small sample of a brown ale from them (possibly Downtown Julie but I can’t be sure). One of the reasons I never opted for it on that occasion was because I was looking for a local beer but I at least remembered the brewery and was pleased to see Good Spirits Co. in Glasgow stocking a couple of their beers recently. This one comes in at 90 IBU and uses a combination of centennial, summit & cascade hops so shouldn’t be confused with any of the Hoptimista IPA single hop versions that the brewery also make and of which the Cascade version was recently voted one of the top 50 new beers in the world for 2014  on RateBeer so I’m expecting a lot from this one as well, hopefully it can deliver.

Edge Hoptimista IPA

Appearance (4/5): Pouring a deep amber colour, this one is a little darker than I’d been expecting but the head is quite a nice one that sits about a centimetre and a half tall with a foamy texture that is somewhere between beige and a dirty cream colour. Retention is also quite good with it slowly reducing over the opening couple of minutes to sits about quarter of a centimetre tall in the glass.
Aroma (6/10): Quite malty initially with some caramel and toffee coming through and adding a lot of sweetness to the beer. It was quite a malty beer but there is a few hops coming through but there’s not as many as I’d be expecting, touches of pine and a little citrus too.
Taste (7/10): This one starts with quite a lot of malts, mainly caramel but with some toffee too and they’re backed up with a lot of bitterness. I got some nice citrus flavours and some grapefruit too but it’s definitely the malts that dominate and there isn’t all the much else going on to comment about here sadly.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied with average carbonation and a nice sweetness to the beer from the malts. The beer was quite oily on the palate with lots of dryness and a clean finish.

Overall (16/20): This one was quite an enjoyable IPA with being great, as I’ve mentioned already it was definitely more sweet and malty than I had anticipated but it was still a solid effort and one well worth trying. There was enough bitterness and tropical style fruits coming through early on to help balance out the malts and the beer proved an easy one to drink; it’s certainly one of the better Spanish beers I’ve tried and I’m looking forward to seeing what else the brewery has to offer.

Brewed In: Barcelona, Spain
Brewery: Edge Brewing
First Brewed: 2014
Type: American IPA
Abv: 6.6%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Good Spirits Co. (Glasgow)
Price: £3.20

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